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Moxy Fruvous – On Her Doorstep lyrics

I started out a little tightly wound
Like a rocket shot up out of frozen ground
Dirt in my nails, a forest in my head
Seems like every message I got said
Burn it - Break it
She took me in like a broken bird
In a moonlit house in a single word
We built a cave (or was it a nest?)
She did all the driving and all the rest, but
I'm not there at all
Though I shall recall
What she said to me
On her doorstep
She likes my dad, he knows Gordy Howe
He had such a temper- guess who's got it now
Watch me explode as we misunderstand
Everything that's said on this fiber optic strand
I'm not here at all
Thoug I shall recall
What she said to me
On her doorstep
When I get back we'll dip our cup
Into the fountain of youth
We'll rest our heads and raise a toast
To the sunset's beautiful truth
I lit a fire by the tracks last night
Bounced it off the moon
Hoping you'd call soon
To this phonebook state
Where I've been stuck up late
Felt just like an ass when I broke that glass
I'm not there at all
But I will recall
What she said to me
On her doorstep

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