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Morbid Angel – Bil Ur-Sag lyrics

Bil Ur-Sag
You quake the earth
Scorcher of skies
Your Towers of Flames
You've come to Cleanse the treacherous act
You've come to Tame the rebeliousness
Bil Ur-Sag Lul-Lu Nig-Hul Tur
Ha-Elm Zalag
Za-A-Kam Me-Lam-Ma-Bi-Du
Ki-Bal-A Su-Sa
Unmatched Your Principle is unopposed
The Light You hold unmatched is unopposed
You glide across and beneath the lands
Your Affects engulf the rebeliousness
Ur-Sag Zi-Ga-Ni Naphar Ajjabi
Sa-Par-Mah-Zu Diri La-Magiru
Sin Su-La
Your Battle Roar seeds
No shield can withstand
The Seven Weapons of Flame
The Principal Force that You wield
The hostile ones are held
The insubmissive are
Brought to their knees
For they cannot counter
Your massive assault upon them.
The ill-natured
You've Burned from our land
Hostile gatherings You've Tamed
You were unmatched
No counter could be found
With Fury and Flames
You Scorched their aggressiveness
Bil Ur-Sag Lul-Lu Nig-Hul Tur
Ha-Elm Zalag
Za-A-Kam Me-Lam-Ma-Bi-Du
Ki-Bal-A Su-Sa
Bil Ur-Sag Translation:
Bil Ur-Sag Lul-Lu Nig-Hul Tur Ha-Elm Zalag:
O Lion-head, Your awesome Blaze of Fire consumed the gathering
Of the treacherous and the ill-natured.
Purifying them.
Za-A-Kam Me-Lam-Ma-Bi-Du Ki-Bal-A Su-Sa:
It is Thine Aura, awful lights,
Overwhelming the enemy lands
Ur-Sag Zi-Ga-Ni Naphar Ajjabi Sharush:
O Lion-heads, with Your most awesome Rising Power.
Destroyer of the gathering of the enemy gods.
Sa-Par-Mah-Zu Diri La-Magiru Sin Su-La
Your Great Net, being so enourmous
Swallowed the disobedient ones,
Binding their hands.

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