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Moonsorrow – Aurinko Ja Kuu lyrics

"Aurinko ja kuu.
Syttyneet kaukana sieltд
Missд lehvдin suoja yllein kumartuu.

Kai vuosia olen jo kulkenut
Muassa metsien kansojen.
Olen oppinut viisautta susilta
Ja nukkunut karhujen kanssa.

Yhtддn ihmistд en ole kohdannut,
Kylдnkддn liepeille sattunut.
Tiedд en matkaani kotoa.
Kohtalo sanelee minne johtaa tie. "

Kaukana tyvenessд
Vehreд polku verelle johdattaa.
Yllд maan, taivas kattona,
Loppunsa on kaikella.

"Kai vuosia olen jo kulkenut
Miettien veljeni lдhtцд.
Kunpa tietдisin minne hдn pддtyy.
Jumalat suojelkoot hдntд matkallaan. "

Jдrkдhtдvдt vankat kalliot.
Vaeltavat kuu ja aurinko.
Tuulet yltyvдt, myrskyt tyyntyvдt.
Laivojansa aallot etsivдt.

"Taivaalla tдhdet valaiskaa,
Tulen vain minд tarvitsen.
Luonnosta olen syntynyt,
Edessдs' mitддn pelkдд en. "

[English translation:]

[The sun and the moon]

"The sun and the moon.
Lit so far from where
The shelter of branches does bend over me.

I count it as years that I've wandered
Amongst the folk of the woods.
Wisdom I've learned from wolves
And I have slept in the beds of bears.

No other man I've met on my way,
No village I've walked past by.
I couldn't tell my way from home.
Destiny dictates where my road shall turn. "

Far far away in the still
A verdant path once leads to blood.
Above the earth with heavens as vault,
There is an end to all.

"I count it as years that I've wandered
Just thinking of my brother's departure.
Oh I wish I was told where he would end up.
May the gods guard him on his journey. "

And the steady rocks stir.
The moon and the sun do rove.
Winds are rising, storms abate.
Their ships the waves still seek.

"Stars on the sky come out,
Only the fire I need.
From the nature I have born,
Before thee nothing I fear. "

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