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Missy Elliott – Toyz (Interlude) lyrics

(Moter Running)

Missy: (sigh)

(Bell Rings)

Missy: Lemme run up in this Pleasure Word get me some toys.
Throw on this bald cap too so these mothafucka's wont know who I am.


Woman: This Sha Shay, Welcome to Pleasure World, may I help you find suttin'?

Missy: Hi, Umm Yeah, I was wonderin' if you carried the Tidal Waves, Butterflies, Bullets, Rabbits, Garold G-Spot, and Mega Blasters.

Woman: Well we got all the rest of that stuff, but the Mega Blasters.
We are clean out of Mega Blasters.
Heather Hunter just came in here and brought the last ten.
Don't ask me what she doin' with ten of em',
But she came in here and brought the last ten.
Mmmm Hmmmm......

Missy: Awww Damn, Ten.

Woman: Yeah

Missy: ok. Ummm, Well Lemme Get....

Woman: Wha-, Wha-, Wha-, Wha-...
Hold Up, You-... You Missy Elliot?
Cuz you look juss like Missy Elliot.
You Missy Elliot?

Missy: Nah, Nah, Nah, Chill, Chill

Woman: Nah, Nah, ya'll got them same teeth,
Same lips, same hoop earrings.
You Missy Elliot ain't cha?
I ain't gon' tell nobody you in here girl!
Antonio, don't this look like Missy Elliot?

Antonio: Huh?

Woman: Come here, come here!

Antonio: Daaaaaamn! This Missy Elliot!

Woman: I Told Ya! I Told Ya!

Antonio: Oh shit! Can I get an autograph?

Woman: (screams)

Missy: Awww, Man!

Antonio: Come on, Come on.
Take a picture by the Tidal Waves!

(Camera Flashes)

Antonio: Come on, look up, look up.
Yeah, Yeah, You cool as shit man!

Woman: Yeah! Look, thanks for shoppin' at Pleasure World and don't forget yo bag of toyyyyyzzzzzzzz!

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