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Miranda Lambert

More Like Her lyrics

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Miranda Lambert – More Like Her lyrics

She's beautiful in her simple little way
She don't have too much to say when she gets mad
She understands she don't let go of anything
Even when the pain gets really bad
Guess I should've been more like that

You had it all for a pretty little while
And some how you made me smile when I was sad
You took a chance on a bruised and beaten heart
Then you realized you wanted what you had
I guess I should've been more like that

I should have held on to my pride
I should have never let you lie
I guess you got what you deserverd
I guess I should've been more like her

Forgiving you, she's stronger than I am
You don't look much like a man from where I'm at
It's plain to see desperation showed it's truth
You love her and she loves you with all she has
I guess I should've been more like that

I should have held on to my pride
I should have never let you lie
I guess you got what you deserverd
I guess I should've been more like her

She's beautiful in her simple, little way

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    The song is basically being sang by a woman who has been cheated on by her, now, ex. She is extremely heartbroken and at a state of mind where she is vulnerable and the insecure thoughts start rushing in. She does not truly wish to be like this other girl that her ex had cheated on her with but she just doesn't understand why he cheated on her to begin with. I also think that while she and her ex was dating, she had known that he was cheating but didn't confront him about it and allowed the affair to happen because she thought the other girl would just disappear but in the end she didn't. In the end she says "if only I held onto my pride, if only I had never let you lied," means maybe if she had actually confronted him to begin with, maybe they would still be together and he would be loving her as much as he is now loving the new girl. Overall, she is in a horrible and depress state of mind. When you have been the one cheated on, you sometimes can't help but think what is wrong with you instead of what is wrong with them and that's what she is singing about, letting her thoughts and emotions flow free through the lyrics.
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  • b
    Like any emotional, clingy, obsessive girl this chick is so in love with a guy (probably her first "love") that has treated her wrong. She got mad at him and left but now he's with another girl. He treats this new girl bad some but she's understanding and forgiving. The first girl wishes she could be more forgiving, maybe if she was then they'd still be together. She doesn't realize that it's such a blessing that she was strong enough to leave him in the first place and she should move on so someone that will treat her well. . That's what this means to me.
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