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Mike Jones

Pac Man Freestyle lyrics

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Mike Jones – Pac Man Freestyle lyrics

[Mike Jones]
First Round, First Round Draft Picks comin', "Who Is Mike Jones"
First Round, First Round Draft Picks comin', "Who Is Mike Jones"
First Round, First Round Draft Picks comin', "Who Is Mike Jones"
(Mike Jones)

Might see me flippin' in with the top pushed back
Took off my Roc-A-Wear and threw on my throw-back
Do'Do I blow dat 'cause I'm who? Mike Jones
Who-Who Mike Jones, Who-Who Mike Jones
I come threw ya hood and I'm bouta rock the block
When I add 22's and subtract the rag-top
I got the candy paint shinin' on the 5 or 6 hundred
4-8-4-18's dumpin' so I know you hear me comin'
My album, Who Is Mike Jones comin' soon
My album, Who Is-Who Is Mike Jones comin' soon
I chill with G-Dash, Big Watts and Magno
T-Fast right behind me in a candy lambo'
Rambo is who I act like, on a dude I get's like
Now I'm in the spot-light, platinum teeth shinin' bright
When I speak, hoes weap
Haters know they can't compete
With Mike Jones, Who?, Mike Jones
I got love for all my fans that's jammin' my shit
DJ's don't stop, keep playin' my shit
In the club, keep em'-keep em' crunked up
Don't step in the club if you ain't gettin' fucked up
I'm talkin' bout gettin throw'd
Ridin-ridin' 84's
Bustin-bustin' threw ya kit 'cause I got suicide do's
Lil mama spread ya legs
Before that gimme head
Before I let you fuck you gotta suck my 3rd leg
'cause Mike Jones is the one and only
Yall niggaz can't clone me
Get off my dick, get ya own style and quit being phony
Hoes on me 'cause I'm real
When I smile platinum grill
Candy paint wood-wheel
Spreewell's on my 5th wheel
I'm the don, you the son
You number 2, I'm #1
With 23's sittin' under me
In plushed seats, poke'mon seats
First Round-First Round Draft Picks comin', Who Is Mike Jones
First Round-First Round Draft Picks comin', Who Is Mike Jones comin'
Now I got that off my mind
Barba-kit watch it fall down
SwishaHouse we platinum bound
It's to late try and stop us now
Lemme get back up on the flow
Had a fro' but cut it low
To the wood, fo' bust fo'
Is what I claim until I go
Got much love for Boss Hogg
Chamillionaire and Paul Wall
Like Yao Ming I stand tall
You got screens well let em' fall
You got drank well po' it up
You claim a set then throw it up
You got dank let's blow it up
When my album come I'ma sow it up
Mike Jones-Jones, Mike-Mike Jones-Jones
Mike-Mike Jones-Jones, Mike-Mike Jones(Repeat til' the end of song)

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