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Mike Jones РDon̢??t Fail Me Now (Featuring Thyra) lyrics

Mike Jones (Who), Mike Jones (Who)
Mike Jones, Ballin Underground
From H-Town, to Funky Town

[Hook: Thyra - 2x]
Dick, don't fail me now
I gotta turn shorty out
She don't want, nobody else
But me, and only me

[Mike Jones]
I fuck a s*** get my dick sucked, then I (slide out)
I hit the cut maybe some bucks, then I (ride out)
I'm hot now, so hoes trail me now
So my dick gotta stay hard, it can't fail me now
I blew up quick up in the game, now these s***s chasing
I fuck 'em leave 'em and send 'em home, with some fuck faces
Mike Jones and my boy Thyra, ain't nobody liver
When my dick hard, all I need girl is your hot saliva
I never claim the pussy mine, cause it ain't mine to claim
But for some reason when I'm in it, they scream out my name
Mike Jones (Who), Mike Jones
(Who), Mike Jones-Jones-Jones

[Hook - 2x]

[Mike Jones]
How you want it, from the front or the back
I love a s*** freak bitch, that's so quick to attack
When she hear my name at home, or work she fiending
Wishing time passing, so she can suck on my semen
Like Red I'm a misfit, love to get my dick licked
S** is so good, when I'm twisted
Gone off X-O, let yourself go
To a world, that only Mike Jones know

[Hook - 2x]

[Mike Jones]
I know you doubt a man, but why should I complain
(Cause I don't give a fuck about your maaaaaan, yeah)
I'm Mike Jones (Who), Mike Jones and
(I don't give a fuck about your maaaaaan, yeah)
We run trains, on other niggaz dames cause
(We don't give a fuck about your maaaaaan, yeah)
Mike Jones, Thyra and Cocaine we
(Never gave a fuck about your maaaaaan, ooooh)

[Hook - 2x]

"Who is Mike Jones" coming soon baby, yeah
My boy Thyra, Cocaine, Mike Jones uh
Yeah, I fuck hoes everyday nigga cause
(I don't give a fuck about your maaaaaan, yeah)
I run train, on other niggaz dames cause
I don't give a fuck about your maaaaaan, oooh)

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