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Midget – Never lyrics

[Midget Verse 1]
Never back down, hold y'all ground
If you win the war, then you gon' get the crown
Never back down, never back off
The odds are stacked up, I'm a step up
They a step down, that's one less step
They one step back, that's one less rep
Except, repetition, competition
Gotta hold your own
Hold your hand high
Chase your dream and catch it at that last mile

[Midget Hook x2]
Never again, never again, but before I go

[Midget Verse 2]
N. E. V. I'm the mvp
L. You. V. Luis V, Luis V
If you shootin' for the stars, then just shoot me
But you can't even see me
N. E. V. Put the er into E. Are.
Never again locked down behind rebar
Concrete walls; put your face in the cement
Forever, but never, but for never see relent

[Midget Hook x2]
Never again, never again, but before I go

[Midget Verse 3]
First draft pick, a freshman in the league
All star running back, swags enough for me
Marchй band playin', Italian Eugenia
100 yard gain, wit' a turf full a sea weed
Get wit' the picture, switch the demon format
Get to the saints', and all of us will go black
Tell me say never, but you know I never say that
Life is a picture, but all I'm seeing is the grey and black

[Midget Hook x2]
Never again, never again, but before I go

[Midget Chorus]
I'm gone

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