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Mentors – Kick It Down lyrics

Don't ya love it baby
When you gotta get it on
With a cruster
With a hard on and bad breath breathing in your face

Saw you walking down the street
Watcha doing,out walking your beat?
I got money,I got power
How much to give you a golden shower

So she got in my car
And we drove real far
So she could
Kick it on down
Talking 'bout your body yeah
Kick it down slut
Kick it on down

Well I got money
And I want
Your pussy
And your tits
Kick it on down

Your body is ours to share
Let me help myself to your body
And we'll go
Around the world

Kick it
Kick it
Kick it on down
Talking 'bout deep throat

Talking 'bout your body baby
I wanna piece of you
Take you home for my buddies to also screw

Don't ya love it when I introduce you to the guys out back
Kick it on down
Don't go home to your main man,ya gotta stay here
Kick it on down
To the road crew yeah
Kick it on down
To the photographer and the soundman
Kick it on down

Hussy,your body is ours to share
Let me help myself to your body
And we can be naked together
Kick it down,kick it down

Don't ya love it when you gotta get it on
With a bald,fat,bearded,bad breath slob
And ya know you gotta do it for drugs or money
Beacause that's your job
Yeah,kick it down to a crusty hippie
Slut,kick it down to the dudes on Hollywood and Western
Kick it on down
At the rector hotel you gotta
Kick it on down
To the swedish erotica team
Kick it on down
To a drug dealer,kick it down
Kick it on down
Do it for drugs,or do it for money
Either way,I think it's funny

Don't ya love it now yeah
Kick it on down
Pull off your clothes
I wanna see those boobs
Kick it on down
No,we're not done yet
We got more dudes to screw you all around
Kick it on down to a cruster
To a bum under the freeway
Kick it on down
To a lice ridden,crusty biker
Kick it on down
Sleasy cum,yeah,rubbin' in your face
Kick it on down
To me yeah,and all my road crew
Kick it on down

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