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Memphis Bleek – We Get Low lyrics

[Memphis Bleek]
G'yeah are. O. C. Yeah yeah
G'yeah yeah G'yeah G'yo yo

A yo I'm back wit it still toat the gat wit it
Still Got it lock I sold some crack wit it
Who could fuck wit it not a soul
I'm out of control the for fo blow out of control
Blow yo mind outta that hole
M. E. M. Get a broad out of her home out of her cloths
In to the Bens get in the 6 in the gin twistin the lye
Get her in the pushin a 5 then why fly outta the state
Let shots outta the 8 they go in and outta yo face
You want spend I take 10 out of the safe you want drank
Take a bottle out of the case then we get in to somthing
Get in to touchin get in to fuckin mami no frontin
Shit I got cake Gyeah I got weight G'yeah
Shit you wanna chill mamma pick a state (lets go)

(repeat 2x)
Lets get high
First class seat on me
We get low
Hotel fee on me
Lets get high
Lay back roll up weed
We get low
Vel've on the rocks
Apple martini

[Memphis Bleek]
I'm In a S-5 all black no tint
With a nice dime all ass no tits
Still rippin the glock (bleek) playin the block
Fuckin with mine M. E. M. Gettin it hot
Gettin it pop gettin it jump gettin it crunk
You don't wanna get slumped du get in the trunk
Got a pound of that green to get in newyork
Get in through customs Bleek and tryin to get caught
But get this the 5th will get you support
Not that help that life situation get short
Gettin with ma Bleek still gettin a high
End up gettin in something she aint getting to like
She fuckin with them real niggas who get low
Who get doe who got cake baby but get mo
And I get hoes but yo bitch I got the same jewels
I got rid of you not (lets go)

(repeat 2x)

Lets Get High
We Get Low
Lets Get High
We Get Low

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