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Meg & Dia

Monster lyrics

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Meg & Dia – Monster lyrics

[Verse 1]
His little whispers
"Love me, love me"
That's all I ask for
Love me, love me
He battered his tiny fists to feel something
Wondered what it's like to touch and feel something

Monster, how should I feel?
Creatures lie here, looking through the window

[Verse 2]
That night he caged her,
Bruised and broke her.
He struggled closer,
Then he stole her.
Violet wrists and then her ankles.
Silent pain.
Then he slowly saw their nightmares were his dreams.

Monster, how should I feel?
Creatures lie here, looking through the windows.
Time will hear their voices.
I'm a glass child.
I am Hannah's regrets.

Monster, how should I feel?

Turn the sheets down.
Murder ears with pillow lace.
There's bath tubs full of glow flies,
Bathe in kerosene.
Their words tattooed in his veins.

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  • u
    Before I read any of the comments I heard this song and thought it was familiar so I read the lyrics and hears what I think.
    It's about a boy who when he was little was ignored as a child and just wanted to be loved or to feel something so he would have random outbursts to get his parents atention but that didn't work so when he was growing up I guess he saw some pple. Doing it and thought that was love so he saw a pretty girl and stood outside her window and broke in he then you know what ed her and realized what he had dreamed of being good was really every girls nightmare and tied her up hence "violet wrist and then her ankles" he gagged her " silent pain" then he did it. After he realized this and thought life was no longer worth living and killed himself in a bath tub of karosene and lit it on fire like glow worms.
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  • Crazed_Cookie
    So a lot of people are trying to guess what this song is about and so here is the answer to your guesses. When this boy was little he wasn't loved and so he didn't feel anything. As a result of this he wanted to feel something so he became violent. Proceeding to say that he feels something when he touches others. Meg and Dia said that they use the word monster because in the book this is based on you become a monster if you have no love in your life. Now hes wondering how he should feel. Then he abuses this girl and steals her virginity but realizes that this is hurting her when he thought it was love because he never knew what love was. And now everyone is talking about how Hannah had this kid and the kid hears all this and knows that he/she is Hannah's regrets. Now the boy kills himself after seeing that what he did wasn't love by bathing in kerosene and lighting it on fire which makes the bathtub full of glow flies (fire).
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