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MC Frontalot – Speed Queen lyrics

Say to me "Buona Sera" cause I'm jacking beats from
And I could shine up the apple like they be rubbing the
I squirrel rhymes in my cheeks yo I spit them at will
Be rolling Louis Prima like a 50 dollar bill.
Still feeling the bump in my nose and those who jock me
Get this advice: 7-11 is selling coffee.
I know I see you need to go all night,
That girl you're taking home ain't going to sleep
(Nuhuh) without a fight.
Right there I seen her in the club (yup) cutting it up.
The way her nose is bleeding, she did a rail not a
Something else: she ain't holding so I hope you is
Cause if she's crashing you ain't about to drop the

She's all up in your cabinets pilfering (um) your
Little bro's ritalin.
She be burning it down while you're fiddling

Acetylene torch to the tube, that's why her teeth look
All fucked- (word?)
But on the other hand, that isn't the only thing she
Sucks. (hahaha...)
You gotta be giving this girl at least a couple of
You been sniffing it too,
So it ain't like you're gonna be sleeping anyway.
So you say: "Baby, why you shaking? Is it me?"
(Naw...) She been twitching in that manner ever since
(Let's see...) 1993.
And she weighs eighteen pounds dripping wet,
She keeps on growling at you, I'd take her to the vet.
Get her a little ket - uh, I mean... (I mean...)
Hold on, one at a time- first crush those no-doz up
Fine, then cut her another line.
This girl does 10 times more crank than you could if
You tried,
And if I took even half that I'd die.

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