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Mavado – Nuh Bleach Wid Cream lyrics

Aaaay, before di rifle sound, before it sound
Bwoy run outta town, run outta town aay
Before di rifle sound, before di rifle sound
Dem caan be found aaaaaaaay

Shotta nuh bleach wid cream, wi bleach wid wi M-16
Wid extra magazine, mi alone create wi crime scene aaaaaay

[Verse 1:]
When di thomson wid di pan a knock
Yo could a run & run & run & when yuh hide unda yuh mama frock
Mi nuh fling hatchet yow mi fire shot
And mi nuh fire not a arrow mi no bumboclaat arawak
Bomb ah mi fire mi nuh borrow dat
Bwoy get to live and gone him wave
And still dead like arafat
Dem think a joy but a sorrow dat
You on his grave, bleachin yuh face
Tru yuh fuckin face an morrow drop

Can you scream, but mi bleach wid mi M-16
An mi nuh bleach wid team, mi alone step pon mi crime scene aaaay

[Verse 2:]
Dem nuh bad dem just dreamin it
Him have a friend who have friend
Who have a gun and him see him wid it
Chattin how much him run di scheme wid it
Him acting up and yapping up
Mi know him don't even bother beenie bit
But casket sell fi him weh easy fit
Likkle pussy mout a get push out
Cause di gal dem say you eat di c***
Gun inna mouth an mek him eat di clip
Mi dark as midnight with four stripes mi and
Mi gun dem bleachin it

Can you scream, but mi bleach wid mi M-16
An mi nuh bleach wid team, mi alone step pon mi crime scene aaaay
Shotta nuh bleach wid cream, Wi bleach wid wi M-16
Steven a wha do him, dead dem dead aaaaaaaay
Ha ha fucka dem

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