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Mark Lenover – Molly Had A Little Lamb lyrics

Molly turns the light on as she turns the alarm off
Yeah she rails against her daughter's fits and gives the kid a cuff
'Cause she's late to catch her bus, and mommy's had enough
Of her precocious wit today
Molly backs into the house to wipe her face off of the dirt
She forgets to eat her breakfast, so she passes out at work
Now the secretaries look at her as though she
Needs the fat sucked from her head,
Until she's cold, and limp, and dead
And just as pleased as peaches
Tuck your heart away
You won't be needing it today
We hate to say it, but you're bound to break it
If you don't take special care
Missed call
Dammit all!
Have you any life insurance
Cut backs
Where's the kid?
Have you any wool?
Mama Mommy Mother-dearest don't send me to private school
I promise, promise I'll do better Daddy won't cheat any more
Come now, come now
Give the girl a promise Molly
Come now, come now
Give the girl your word
Have you any life insurance?
Have you any wool?
Poor old Molly's off her trolley
(Day-in, day-out)
Poor old Molly's gone right 'round the bend

Molly's husband crawls to dinner, inspecting his lover's work
His left hand holds a looking-glass and the other's in the lurch
Picking up and throwing plates, demanding Molly gets a face-lift
For his forty-fifth birthday
She's better let the baby have it's way
Or he'll be sore, as sure as sugar
Molly turns to switch the light off as she turns the water on
The leaves left in her cup tell her that life's bound to go on
Then she lays her head down, counting sheep and dreaming
About getting hers some day
Tuck your heart away
You won't be needing it today
We hate to say it, but you're bound to break it
If you don't take special care
You can hide it anywhere
Or you can just forget it

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