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Mario – If I Hurt You lyrics

I can't live without ya
I can't live without ya

Girl you got me shook
After all of the fightin
And the screams
Snatched up ya keys
Than ya got in the range
Knowing that it's rainin'
(Why'd I let you go)
I don't know how long it took
But I know
That I drove all around
Tryna calm ya down
You wouldn't ansa my calls
(Now I'm scared girl
Where'd ya go)

Damn girl
Why'd ya leave like that
Whatever I said
I didn't mean it like that
How do'ya expect
A nigga not to fight back
When you scream like that girl
I love you more than that
Than a night at the club
Or a hit off a blunt
Girl I love you more than that
Than a smile and a bud
Because your all that I want

[Chorus:] (2x):
I can't for'give myself
If I hurt you girl
What do I do
I can't live witout ya
I can't live witout ya
And girl it break my heart
If I broke your heart
And what do I do
I can't live without ya Girl
I can't live without ya

Baby I don't care
If I'm wrong or right
(If I'm wrong or right)
If I could
Just love you tonight

Wish I could tell you
How I feel everything
That I'm workin for is yours
How could I ignore
When I wanna be yours
But I slam the door
(Right on our love)
What kind of man
Don't understand
The difference
Between a penny n a dime
Musta lost my mind
You and me was on the grind
Once upon a time
(Why'd I let you go)

(Chorus 2x)

[Break down]

Girl when I find ya
I'm gonna stand right by ya
Girl your my life
And I can't live with out you


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