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Manic Street Preachers – Commemoration And Amnesia lyrics

Am I an amnesiac or a haemophilliac
Or is this a heart attack?
That burns the holes in these lips
That shelters and stings
That blankets then burns
That hurts and heals
To truth, to sadness
To the the
I devote
Of an increase in heartblood
To varnish and veneer
Against their words that smear and snarl
I commemorate
I instigate
I must not fake
The this then why if how and
Being seeing feeling learning
Crying, silenced soul of tears and fears that fall to stand
That fall to stand
And how I remember
And how I wish to forget
And how I wish to forget
And how I wish to forget
Shopping in the real world
It could be you
It could be you
What makes you different makes you beautiful
And what you want is what you get, get, get
As you suck in the headlights
Of Lithium, Prozac, Viagra, Zispin, Temazepam
Diazepam, Animal nitrate, Valium, Cocaine, Propane
Novocaine, Methadone metronomes to absolve your sins
Speak on Oprah, Springer, Lake, Kilroy
The time the place
This time the place
It'll be okay
It'll be safe
So find yourself another couch babe
And you'll get through
So I bottle your mind
With verbs that find
Their place in nouns
Of laced narcotic
Character disdenied and undesigned
Of soul declined
I bottle your mind
To commemorate
The pain, the memory, the dawning
Into now
So know and how I desecrate to educate
To emancipate the chains
The eyes that split my vision
The voices that stammered my tongue
Yet now I speak
Yet now I speak
In this war of attrition
This heartraged mission
This restricted code of breaking
Breaking recognition
Am I an amnesiac or a haemophilliac
Or is this a heart attack?

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