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Somebody call the doctor man, remix
It's like them haters out there
Got a sickness man that need to be cured
Hey, hey, hater, hey, hey, hey hater
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hi, hi, hi hater

Hey, hey, hey hater, hey, hey, hey hater
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hi, hi, hi hater
Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hello, hello hater
(Remix, come on, man, yeah)

Look, don't hide, I see you, hater
I'm a wave hi when I see you, hater
I've been dyin' to meet you, hater
Please don't leave me, I need you, hater

This is for the ones that's been prayin' I'm 'gon fail
They hatin', rather see me back in the cell
But I ain't in the jail my nigga' I'm doin' good
Brooklyn we did it, I'm keepin' it all hood

Keep hatin', I'm rollin', I'm goin' past you
Chicks like ooh, I like him you see his tattoos
(Go Maino)
Look at me went from Smack DVD's to MTV
Pants hangin' down on BET
Still in the streets nigga you see me

Hustle hard, stack paper, it's alright, y'all hate us
It's nothin', we major, you see me, hi hater
Hi hater, hi hater, you see me, hi hater
Hi hater, hi hater, you see me, hi hater
Ay Maino, tell them haters get ready

Ay Maino, tell them haters get ready
I ain't got time, too busy I'm flyin'
Over the Atlantics, three or fo' Hispanics
Strip dancin', no panties, askin me to take advantage

Just imagine all the fun that I'm havin'
(It's scary)
On average, I'm travelin', gettin' that cabbage
Performin' in London, then I'm landin' in Paris
(Ha, ha, ha)

If I was you, frankly I'd be embarrassed
You carry no weight, words hold no merit
I talk big money, you can't understand it
My picture won't fit on yo' cameras

Go win two Grammys, build cribs for a few families
Then you can come back and holla at me
God dammit, it's sad, but I could give a damn, what a sucka thank
Hustle hard, Grand Hustle, call us Hustle INC

Me and Maino, Jay'll ate it, just like brothers think
It's all about the music 'til it escalate to other things
Sucka seen the Bankhead, BK connection
You can hate it, but respect or else get dealt with, bitch

Hi hater, hi hater, you see me, hi hater
Hi hater, hi hater, you see me, hi hater

Okay, okay, hi my name is Swizz, your name is, hater
So you see 'em, hi hater, on my watch, the padded Felipe
I don't lose no sleep, 'cause I don't fuck with y'all haters
My car, the SLR, the engine through them like it's a guitar

I'll leave y'all haters in the dust by far
I'm designin' planes y'all lookin' at cars
Yeah, I try to keep the peace

If you keep talkin', the hawk 'gon slide in 'em
What's up? They all want the cake
But I'm a chef so I gotta show 'em how to bake
(Get 'em)

Nine outta ten rappers, haters
They get emotional when they ain't got paper
When you get bigger than them then they hate ya
Fuck 'em, 'cause I don't owe 'em no favors

When rappers hot, they praise ya
When rappers get cold, they spray ya
We smarter than most, ask my label
My first week numbers, real major

Two hundred fourteen thousand sold, playa
Take by the minute now, half be my neighbor
I got a show, so I'm a talk to y'all later
Forty thousand a show now hater

Hi hater, hi hater, you see me, hi hater
Hi hater, hi hater, you see me, hi hater
(Hello, how y'all doin'?)

Yo, a million dollars worth the ice on
My wife beater show the pythons
Drug money kept the lights on, and besides the gun smoke
The hate in the air is what kept the nights on

They 'gon hate, anyway screw bein' nice to 'em
Till you send 'em some hot ones
Or you put the knife on 'em

Hi haters, it's me Jada
Might see me in the D with pink gators
Or I might be in the streets with three shakers
Ten head cracks in a row with sweet paper

Yeah, I'm just tryin' to get my cash
The LP is on the way though, kiss my ass

Let 'em show NY, like the folks who make PlayStation
Yeah, I'm back, fresh off of hatecation
I let the haters take a break
Now I'm a let it out the bag like Jake the Snake

If it's one thing for sho', two things for certain
I'm a keep it up 'til my middle finger's hurtin'
No, I ain't had a brush with beef yet
Some of y'all wake up hatin' and ain't brushed your teeth yet

I come through, haters gotta know that I am paid
I be wavin' like I'm on the float of the parade
Hola, bonjour, hi hater
I keep it movin on hoes, call me vibrator

Hi hater, hi hater, you see me, hi hater
Hi hater, hi hater, you see me, hi hater

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