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Mac Dre – Cutthoat Committee lyrics

(Feat. Miami)


Dumb, Now that's how we gone keep this thang poppin' (poppin')
Dumb, Haters at the door major norton stoppin' (stoppin')
Dumb, Got two pills I'm gonna pop 'em
Dumb, bitch panties wet you know she gonna drop 'em
Dumb, This beat, cuddy ain't it knockin'
Dumb, Stupid doo doo, might start pop lockin'
Dumb, How I come, oh you you ain't heard
Dumb, bitch got combed, grey hound with a bird (Bird)
Dumb, Should of been squared up lookin' like a nerd
Dumb, now she doing time in Louis Berg
Dumb, Ain't no comin' home tell the 33rd
Dumb, Talkin' 'bout me, bitch you out yo nerves
Dumb, Hoe move yo feet
Dumb, Cause Don Juan makebeats
Dumb, bitch, Cutthoat Committee
Dumb, Way up in Kansas City

[Man Talking]

Boy I be fuckin' em, All the way out that country club crest residents
Fuckin' em, Snappin' like a crocodile ain't no tellin' when
Fuckin' em, You faggots ain't goin to ever amount to shit
Fuckin' em, I'm' still in the streets shakin' 'em up like pits
Fuckin' em, I'm rugged raw, nigga I locks my jaw
Fuckin' em, Of a thizzle big scrizzle up in my paw
Fuckin' em, From the East to the West up down all around
Fuckin' em, In hyper space they beggin' me to come down
Fuckin' em, But look at now cutthoats get around
Fuckin' em, Up with 31 styles, dumb wild
Fuckin' em, A savage all about cabbage you ain't know
He be fuckin' em, But me I'm a shake the punk rock hoe
Fuckin' em, I'm shakn' em ain't no jivin' riders here
Fuckin' em, They canivin', nigga on the tear
Fuckin' em, Every where and a L 7 square
Fuckin' em, On 2000 shit, nigga scrillonaires

[Man Talking]

That's some bull ass shit, kush gone to mush
That's some bull ass shit, No product, Know Where to look?
That's some bull ass shit, When yo phone get kicked phone of the hook
That's some bull ass shit, Lookin' in yo home for yo chips and yo kush
That's some bull ass shit, And yo hucth get whopped
That's some bull ass shit, And yo 30 plus get took
That's some bull ass shit, When you on high risk parole
That's some bull ass shit, You got to do what you told
That's some bull ass shit, Pretty Much have no pot in my pee
That's some bull ass shit, Well nigga that shit nadda to me
That's some bull ass shit, Try to do manogany
That's some bull ass shit, I'm still a popin' collar G
That's some bull ass shit, Lil' Mama look thick in them jeans
That's some bull ass shit, Only 16
That's some bull ass shit, If it ain't the Cutthoat Committee
That's some bull ass shit, If you don't know then don't qoute it with me

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