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Lycia – Sorrow Is Her Name lyrics

I am so tired, please just take me away
Just let me lay down here for awhile, again
Open my eyes to the bright morning sun
Hoplessly stare, she is with me again
Why does she come and why does she care so much for me
She reaches out to me, she whispers so sweetly
"come to me, be with me, sink with me, die with me"
Sorrow is her name and she's mine
Her hands reach out to me, her words bore deep in me
"i'm so alone, please won't you come and be with me"
Sorrow is her name and she's mine, and i...
Breathe in this air, so humid and dark
This doesn't takes me in again and again
Reach out my hands to the dark desert sky
Fall to my knees she is with me again
And then for awhile her "night time" prevails in me again
She grips and pulls at me, she sinks her teeth in me
"you're not alone as long as you sink deep with me"
Sorrow is her name and she's mine
Naked in front of me, lust gets the best of me
"loneliness adds to our beauty and our decay"
Sorrow is her name and she's mine
And she's mine
The top of the world is so endless and stark
There's ice in my eyes and ice in my heart
The desert slowly fades into cold, restless days for awhile in me
The summer seems long on this hot humid day
Salvation tonight if she fades in the rain
But tonight i will stay as she creeps in the rain
And seeps through me
She sinks her tongue in me, "i will not ever leave"
She sings a song that's so sweet (but in disarray)
Sorrow is her name and she's mine
"slip through this open door, come in an never leave"
She smiles for me and says "i'm all you'll ever need"
Sorrow is her name and she's mine and she's mine!
I will never leave her again
..will never leave her again
..will never leave her again
..will never leave her again

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