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Ludacris – Burning Bridges lyrics

They say Luda would you rather have the money or the fame
I say they try to tell em that it all just a pin
Cuz everytime I do a lil more money
It seams I lost more of my friends
So I give it all up to repeat life over
They day do to the fools
I can't trust another motherfucker living in this world
And this really got me losing my cool
What would you'd do if you were in my situation
And they getting every one you love
You drink your pain from the bottom to the bottom and you fucked off
So I'm looking for love is all the wrong places
Pop pills, drink niga above those places
Get high with a women, get low
When in the strip club looking for familiar faces
People know me from my first name, base
But all they really want is my cash
Let me ball just a couple hundred dollars
And you know that I'mma pay you back
This word so stupid, feel it
This world lost my trust
They say Ludacris you've changed
But I really don't give a fuck
What the hell am I suppose to say?
What the hell am I suppose to do?
I'm hearing all the doubles in desguise and
I'm hearing that the niggas do it just like you
They know I walk throw the valley and it sound like that
I don't go astrey
And I get down on my knees and pray and I say

Ok, ok, I wish my problem will blow away
Ok, ok, I wish my problem will blow away

Doc say I need to change my diet
Cuz I really not eating right
Mama said I need the peace and quite
Cuz I really not sleeping right
What's the use ofd having all the money and power in the wolrd if I can't abusing
Seems like the only thing that keep me together is my music
If it wasn't for that I think I was losing
If it wasn't for that I would go crazy
When no body make good [?]
In the street make you fel like fuck you pay
Cuz I gotta feed family
Someone thet say it once will abandon me
That still looking for a hand out
Til they found out they snitch ahead
Nah, they still mad at me
But I try to be the man I want to be
Can't do it if you balling me teh dumn shit
Thinking this shits and I'mma [?]
To many distractions and it feels like everyday
So I get down on my knees and pray and I say

Ok, ok, I wish my problem will blow away
Ok, ok, I wish my problem will blow away

I finely made it to the top of the city
But if htings don't go on way got all suspisios
So they will keep made the peace
And I think I need an intervention
Who the fuck put me in charge to make all of these on season
My prediction got me stress and like it never did before
Not to mention my best friend drowned and his life was knocking at his door
And it seems like somewhere in his family is passing away like every day
So I just get look up to the sky, get on my knees and pray and I say

Ok, ok, I wish my problem will blow away
Ok, ok, I wish my problem will blow away

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