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Love Hina – Dame Dame! lyrics

DAN DAN otona ni HAMATTERU kodomo-tachi ni wa
akirechau yo ne
GANGAN iwarerya magatteru yo no naka mo
mazi ni miete kuru
sekai wa doko ni aru?
acchi kocchi o sagashitte mo
mitsukaranai Happiness
samishiku nareba dare ka ni amaete mitaku naru toki mo arukeredo

Children are gradually being mistaken by adults.
I shocked.
If I'm told not to be so loud, I'll change. Even in this world,
it will really come to view.
Where in the world is it?
Even when I look here and there,
I can't find happiness.
If I become lonely, there are even times when I seem to becomespoiled but

[1]DAN DAN otona ni somatteru kodomo-tachi
motto, ganbaroo

Children are gradually painted as adults
let's do more of our best.

DAN DAN katachi ni HAMATTERU otona-tachi wa ne
ziyuu zya nai ne
sanzan usotsuki ni natteru HUEMINISUTO
mazi ni tanoshii no?
nani mo ka mo kowashichae
acchi kocchi o sawagaseba
himatsubushi no Happiness
konna chiccha na itazura kasanete bakari irarenai yo, mirai wa
sugu soko!!

I gradually mistaken for my size. As adults, right?
That's not freedom, is it not?
I'm becoming terrible liars. Feminists.
Is it that fun?
Everything may break down.
If I make noise here and there,
It's a meaningless happiness.
This type of small joke, I can't be that even for one more time.The future
is just around the corner!

zenzen dare ka ni somattenai otona e to
motto, ganbaroo

I'll never be painted as just a somebody. To adulthood,
I'll do more of my best.

samishiku nareba dare ka ni amaete mitaku naru toki mo arukeredo

If we become lonely, there are even times when we seem to becomespoiled but

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