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Dedication To My Ex lyrics

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Lloyd – Dedication To My Ex lyrics

[Lil Wayne]
Hey yall
I come to talk about this girl that had my love ya see
I went away for a while, and
She gave my love away, and
I really shouldn't blame her
But now that pussy is a stranger

Baby, something's on my mind I gotta say it
Yeah, Your lovin done changed
It ain't the same girl and that's a shame
(A crying shame baby)
Oooh, aint being funny
I know another bee's been in that honey
Ooh, baby, that lovin done changed
It's such a shame girl and that's a shame
(Who the hell you been giving my loving to girl?)

Oooh Nooo
Tell me where that lovin gone
Cause it don't feel the same no more
(I miss that lovin, that lovin, that lovin)

Oooh Nooo
(Why you do me like that baby)
Why is that happening to me
Oooh Nooo
She told me that it was my lovin
(I miss that lovin, that lovin, that lovin)

Oooh Nooo
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
She, she used to be a really special lady
I guess she's feeling kinda freaky lately
It's such a shame cause now the lovins changed
(That lovin changed)
She used to squeeze me
Grip me tight enough so she could please me
But now-now, that lovin changed

It's such a shame, that lovin changed
Oooh Nooo
Where did ya lovin go?
Cause girl, I need to know

(I miss that lovin, that lovin, that lovin)
Oooh Nooo

You see it was on some old one of a kind type shit baby

I'ma about to kill this bitch
Oooh Nooo
She gave away all my shit
(I miss that lovin, that lovin, that lovin, that lovin)
Oooh Nooo
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Andre 3000]
Damn, darlin', do change ya oil?
I'm your number one fan belt they got nothin' harder
I don't use a cordless... Microphone avoid 'em
They don't feel real to me
Meaning real woman
Others peeled on me (like paint)
You the primer on the lime bean green box when I couldn't afford a Ford
Clean socks scootin' across the floor in your grandmama house
Hand on your mouth
You yap too much about the penny ante, this mechanic so uncanny
X-men, x-men, your ex boyfirend should thank me that I took you off his
No I can bring another beach to the sand
And know I am well aware that you can bring a man to his knees
And get what you need without saying please
But can you bring a man to his feet when defeat is on repeat
And they go put this man's Grammy's on the street?
What? Why so quiet?
Hate that all of our memories happened in a Hyatt
You were perfect before you went on a diet
You was way thicker, you think I don't remember
Shit, the magazine got to your head
Now somebody you don't even know got you in bed
Bet ya buddy don't even know you don't like red
Or was it fuchsia? Fuck it, our future is dead

[Lil Wayne]
I thought a pussy cat had 9 lives man

Oooh Nooo
(I miss that lovin, that lovin, that lovin, that lovin)
Oooh Nooo
She gave away all my shit
(I miss that lovin, that lovin, that lovin, that lovin)
Yeah, yeah, yeh
I miss ya girl

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  • g
    Garry Wang
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  • u
    Painfully but truthfully what has happened to me. A relationship that got very tainted and broken long ago. I tried with all my heart to make something I believed in work. My heart loved so much. It's a process now to move on and defeat the pain. I heard this song yesterday january 8th at an h&m and it spoke to me loud and clear. I was intrigued by this song and wanted to make it mine. Wow. Stuart.
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  • u
    My name is desmond from usa I have a huge testimony to share that I was in a relationship with this girl for over one year and suddenly she want us to breake up I spent days thinking of what to do for her to change her mind I have to contact a few spell casters but not knowing that they were scams I give up trying not untill a friend of mine recomend oghowmaspelltemple@gmail. Com to me I decided to contact oghowmaspelltemple and now iam the happiest man on earth because my life is now for good I just don't know how to thank oghowmaspelltemple may god almighty grant you many more blessing thank you very much sir.
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  • u
    Definitely about childbirth, the "pussy" is no longer able to "squeeze him tight so she can please him". Although it may appear to be about a cheating girlfriend, to look deeper one can find many references to the changes that take place to a woman's body and "pussy" after childbirth. Furthermore the reference to a "pussy" having "nine lives" can be seen to refer to these changes and how suddenly and irreversibly they happen after only one child.
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  • u
    The meaning of this song is quite deep. It involves the story of a young virgin maid who lloyd refers to as X. Shes embarking on a journey to catalunya hence the andre 3000 dressed. As you all know cats are the devil blah iluminati. The meaning of this song is simple read the lyrics its a good song but not deep at all. He jsut miss the loving man.
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