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LL Cool J – Mary Jane (Remix) lyrics

Intro: I'm so high. [Puffy] Rock on!

Verse One:

Ll Cool J:
Black shades, three-quarter leathers and medallions
Honies lined up ready to ride like stallions
Since good love is hard to find
I snatch up the real hot ones and make 'em mine
I let my track record speak instead of me
On a level that the halfway players will never see
Uhh, wave your drinks in the air
Shorty turn around keep the ass right there
Focus your attention-let your eyes
Get paralyzed, by the size
Of my rocks, just remember that members of my click carry glocks
We got it locked down
Mo' flowin', click rollin'
Niggaz still smokin' [L get 'em open]
Team rough scoop the cream with the puff
You oughtta stop sleepin', you don't dream enough

Mary J. Blige:
Oooooh baby, not tonight, I don't wanna fuss and fight
I just wanna make it right
Oooooooh, there's work to do
I wanna get real close to you, I wanna get you in the mood
All the things, you want to do
Just relax, and I'll take care of you
And anytime you want me
I'm sayin' that I love you everyday
And I know that you want me, baby admit it

Chorus: Gimme all your love and don't stop
My love's waiting when you reach the top
All night long
Come into my bedroom honey
What I got will make you spend money
All night long

Verse 2:

Mary J. Blige:
You know, that I know that you love me
So if you just give me a change
I can still show you romance
I know, that you still savor for my flavor baby
So stop playin' hard to get
Let's make love like we first met
All the things, you want to do
Just relax, and I'll take care of you
And anytime you want me
I'm sayin' that I love you everyday
And you know that you want me baby admit it


Verse 3:

Ll Cool J:
Girlfriend you get me open like Moet, cherry goes pop
When my love drops
Two G's in my pockets for tricks
So tell your girlfriends to warm up and mingle with my click
You're only a customer
You're walking in the presence of hustlers
I did it just right
Spent money all night
Magnums of Moet
Get your lips wet

Chorus 2X

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