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Livingston Taylor – Carolina Day lyrics

Carolina*Day gonna rise up sometime Give
me good align said a reason and rhyme Jump
and sing all the time Work
at a' easing my mind Oh

it's, a Carolina day On
a plane out of Logan up, pops a slogan Talkin'
only of easy times Working
at a bottle of ripple wine Breathing
that clean fine southern air And
we all start to laugh And
the people start to stare thinking Them
kids are in a funny way But
we're all in need Lookin'
to see the Carolina day And

**Carolina day don't rise in the morning Don't
set in the evenin' It
ain't that way Look
up in the morning And
you got a grin And
you're with a girl And
you want to stay Then
my friend you're in a Carolina day Oh
oh, it's, a Carolina day Alec

and Brent they're lovin' their child And
James is becoming a star Sister
Kate's laughin' all the time And
my brother Hugh's out wreckin' a car And
my mother smiles thinkin' isn't it fine That
the children are home again And
Louis my, best friend falls on by And
we're all together again Repeat.

** Repeat

it's, a Carolina day Zippin'
on down to the C C. House. Thought
I'd put my father on Then
smokes then booze then tokes then Herc And
my head were dead and gone And
Doctor Schein a lot of money and time And
a few friends stickin' around While
taking care of business I found my Carolina day Didn't
let me down Repeat.


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