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[Chorus: Lil' Wyte]
(sniff sniff) Don't be fuckin wit these killers on that good dope
(sniff sniff) Don't be fuckin wit these killers on that good dope
(sniff sniff) Don't be fuckin wit these killers on that good dope
(sniff sniff) Don't be fuckin wit these killers on that good dope
Getcha dawgs off me move b***h, Getcha dawgs off me move b***h
Getcha dawgs off me move b***h, Getcha dawgs off me move b***h
Getcha dawgs off me move b***h, Getcha dawgs off me move b***h

[Lil' Wyte]
This Is a lyrical Indention, rollin wit some big guns
Mystical attention, sudden comprehension
Rollin wit a fine ho, don't hate 'cause she mine ho
All you cheesy chicken heads can catch up wit yo kind ho
I can make a hit yo, do you really want it no
I'm gonna be up in yo head till I make you sick whoa
I represent in the bay, could give a f**k what you say
All the minors wishin to be made 'cause they to young to play
I can break yo bone oww, I can pull a? Bloaw
I can have you screamin telling me when you gonna come now
This will make your heart stop, have you reaching for your glock
This series countinues as I got plenty mo in my stock
I'm crunker than the club how? 5th of palmason? Wow
Catch me at the hotel smoked out stealin all the towels
Yall b*****s ain't fading me when you act disgracefully
I can't help it you're a discruntful employee hatin me


[Lil' Wyte]
Now put this in yo mind, keep it close behind
All the fatal memorys you've been counting in yo head for time
I Like to get high I get drunk and I might let it slide
Catch me on a zanax different atmosphere, it's do or die
Walkin in the club f****d up, mission to take yo b***h
Hopin you gonna speak of one word, when I approach yo b***h
Tracy don't suck d**k but I bet I can deepthroat the b***h
Jus fuckin wit ya, got my own, I really don't want yo b***h
Nothin but mumblin, and I'm stumbling, but ima keep on the bumpin
And I bet this gotcha Caprice Classic trunk a fu***n' rumblin'
Fu***n' wit' me getcha trampled Lemon Lame is an example
He got beat down by these dogs, and all he got was just a sample
But now I'm on my way to better things
No more runnin about the cove wit' the glock cocked, and slangin mary jane
I got a well focused head and well educated brain
And plus my vision see clearer than x-ray glasses main
So f**k you mean?


[Lil' Wyte]
Last time I'm tellin' ya lyrically beat ya
Standin ovation, I'm comin to seat ya
I would drive the full 40 hours to California to defeat ya
Creature-feature but I ain't scared, rippin' out a patch of hair
Tryin to convince me that you crazy, verbally this isn't fair
Ask me if I fuckin care, shut the f**k up breathe the air
Didn't ask you to open yo mouth, don't make me come over there
Platinum products get dropped daily up out this facility
Ill drop my s**t on ya thinking everywhere ya feelin me
Watch me come up out the grave and capture yo security
Beat ya down like you stole something man that's for fu***n' wit' me
Make ya s**t yo pants so bad that you can plead insanity
Have you strapped in a straight jacket yackin bout yo family
Really cause and effect is what gets us in these crooked binds
Plus the lack of respect or neglect towards these simple minds
Keep the system tickin? Itchin? For corruption on the rise
I'm getting tired of sittin here, and you can see it in my eyes


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