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Lil Wayne – Turn On The Lights lyrics

We fall asleep naked; we wake up naked
You know what that mean, pussy for breakfast
And I know how she like it, I'm a psychic
I eat it then I go back to sleep, that's that itis
And she be by herself she a loner
Trukfit – I'm the owner
I make her moan call her Mona
I have a threesome if they cloned her
And me I'm purple kush forever
I'm purple drink forever
A dick make her feel retarded, she say I make her feel special
When I ain't thinking 'bout them other hoes
Ever since you put that pussy on me
I told her put that pussy on me right
And I'mma change your life
And don't sit on top of this dick if you scared of heights
And shawty be like...
This pussy for you, I ask her is it true and she say like a horseshoe
She got that nigga name covered, that's a war-wound
She lay me on my back and ride this dick like Vroom

Then I turn on the lights, yeah and look in her eyes
Girl that pussy too tight, you need a pussy massage
She got a body like a mermaid, she a plus first-aid
They asked me what's her race and I say first place

[Verse 2:]
Tell her I skate
And shawty down the earth, but bitch I need my space
And she gon' ride this dick, I had a long day
She say c** anyway you want, I give a Santa Claus face
We gon' turn up tonight, that pussy feel new
But we been fucking way before I went to Rikers Island
Now she got a man I think he gayer than a stylist
I wish we were both single like a couple dollars
And when we get together she be on that Miley Cyrus
So we eat each other up, like some Somalians
She know I got a girl but she keep this shit a thousand
Whenever we together she don't ever ask about us
She just be like – this pussy for you
I said come and eat this bone, and stop eating dog food
And she got that nigga name covered that's a war wound
And she lay me on my back and then she blow me like boom

Then I turn on the lights, yeah then look in her eyes
Girl that pussy too tight, you need a pussy massage
She got a body like a mermaid, she a plus first-aid
I put her in her place and that's first place

Tell her I skate
I ain't got no worries
No Frank Ocean I'm straight
Tell em' I'm straight

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