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Uh, Camo shorts and bubble Kush,
We can talk she'd rather fuss,
This and that bout such and such,
Damn where is the f-cking trust,
I'm tired of the hoop and holler'n,
I'm bout to take the boot to collins,
Uh, then take a female to the Island,
Uh then take her clothes off and do the honors,
Yeah now she hear I'm with them other b-tches,
Yeah, I told her mind her f-cking business,
Sh-t she prolly out chea f-cking n-ggas,
I'm f-cking her friends now her friends aint even f-cking with her,
Damn she text me all day and night,
So pissed off she aint even spelling sh-t right,
I text her back, tell her it's life,
Now somebody tell them hoes, I'm single for the night,

Yeah I'm single,
N-gga had to cancel that b-tch like nino,
I aint trippin on nothin,
I'm sipping on somethin,
And my homeboy say he got a bad b-tch for me,
And I'm single,
Yeah I'm single,
And I'm single,
Tonight I'm single
And I aint trippin on nothin,
I'm sipping on somethin,
And my homeboy say he got a bad b-tch for me,

[Verse 2]
Dreads braided to the back,
I'm chilling but my swag on full attack,
And my girl acting like a brat,
So when she call, I don't answer I just write her back,
She hate it when I do that sh-t,
And I when get home she go through my sh-t,
She call numbers back to see who that is,
Man I hate it when she do that sh-t,
Polo t-shirt, polo draws,
Now make me take this polo off,
Girl you can get broken off,
Yeah I f-ck you for an hour then I smoke it off,
Swimming trunks and bathing suits,
They go in the bedroom and tell the naked truth,
Don't wanna fuss, aint tryna fight,
Man somebody tell em hoes I'm single for the night,


[Verse 3]
Uhh, now she got on her f-ck em dress,
And I got on my double breast,
Uh, and he been fussing all day with her,
And I make her feel special like a place kicker,
She wanna be weezy f baby sitter,
Say she wish she could cut my d-ck off and take it with her,
I say hold on,
She say she just playing,
Then I falls in that p-ssy like quick sand,
Uh, hot sex and cold wine,
She left that n-gga hanging like a clothes line,
I cut my phones off, both lines,
It's bout to get nasty, pork rinds,
She came hard both times,
We both say we single,
And we both lying,
We both wrong but it feel right,
Put your hands up if you single for the night,
Put your hands up if you single,


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  • s
    Shawty_SexyDec 19, 2009 at 3:45 am
    To me it means dat he has a girl but they ain't gettin along and she fussin to much so he goes somewhere and tells gurls he single so he can get laid and how good he is...of course :)
  • s
    SNOOKIApr 19, 2010 at 1:02 pm
    okay Jackylman you need to shut up cause wayne is making more money then you do in a year okay and its just ways we express our feelings it doesnt destroy the mind okay wayne went to college here in texas so yeah and t.i would have been an acountant if he didnt go to prison so shut up you dont know what your talking about your justa simple hater okay i rap and i can spell thank you very much... go get A LIFE man the weed you smoking is destroying your mind.
  • r
    RapshistorianFeb 11, 2010 at 7:33 am
    rap doesn't do that. It's Ebonics, the way they were raised. You can't do anything about it so quit bitching. Rap isn't doing that. Rap music is making the most money out of any other genre right now. People like get over. Just because you can't respect it doesn't mean you can blame it for everyday problems.
  • mariebabexz
    mariebabexzMar 24, 2011 at 3:49 pm
    i lovee dis sonq causee im kinda single . but im just messinq around andd its good to be single cause you dont qotta deal wid drama. but yea.
  • l
    lyliaDec 23, 2010 at 5:23 pm
    this song is nice sometime and Lil Wayne is so pretty and Lil Wayne need to stop with all that stuff that what is going on now so Lil Wayne stop doing that Lil Wayne because that is not cute to do so stop:)

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