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Out of sight, out of mind,
Out of time, to decided.
Do we run?
Should I hide?
For the rest, of my life.
Verse 1:
Dear Anne
My number 1 fan
I write with the light from the lamp on my nightstand
With my pen in my right hand
And that's also my mic hand
Codeine in the sprite can
Ink on the white pad
And I'm thinking of life, Anne
And wrong and right, Anne
And sometimes I'm right
And sometimes I might
Ca-can I find the light?
Still my rhymes are bright
So I continue my plan
And I'm sure (shore) like white sand
That they'll be price payin'
Before my flight land
But still, I want to see more than my sight can
Adore, so I can't ignore
What I want anymore
So I just go, you can call me the Gore
And oh yeah
I got a girl, she act like I owe her
And um, sometimes it seems like I just don't know her
And yeh, the relationship is starting to feel like a chore
But I really hope I'm not starting to bore
Page 1.
Out of sight, out of mind,
Out of time, to decided.
Do we run?
Should I hide?
For the rest, of my life.
[Verse 2]
Dear Anne
My number 1 fan
I write you this letter
I hope everything's grand
I hope everyone's good
I hope everybody's praying

I hope – hold up baby, let me switch hands
See, lately I've been dealing with a lot of shit and
It's burning me and I can't get out of this pan
And every time I look there's a problem with this man
But I ain't tryna expose, I'm just tryna expand
But your support held me up like kickstands
And I'm also being more careful in how I pick friends
And I'm tryna stay up out them chick's pants
(Laughs) but, I just can't
But, on another note, this ain't just another note
This is more than a rap
This is more of an oath
And I know you're wondering what this letter is for
And I'm just hoping that you read this far
Page 2
Out of sight, out of mind,
Out of time, to decided.
Do we run?
Should I hide?
For the rest, of my life.
[Verse 3]
Dear Anne
My number 1 fan
By now you probably think I'm portraying who I'm sayin
And sometimes I wish I wasn't him, but I am
And it's people like you that make me part of what I am
But hey, you are the shit
Damn, pardon the gram (grammar)
But it's like you make me feel like I'm a part of the fam
And shit, when my life be like some sort of exam
It's a jungle out there- lions, horses and rams
Shit, as I sit and wait for the war to began
I just think of you, then I'm rewarded again
And, with you, is where my artistry can
And, so with you is where a part of me stands
And, I hope I see you in the stands
Anne, because you know I understand
And, and I'm sorry about Stan
So I wrote this to say I'm your number 1 fan.
Out of sight, out of mind,
Out of time, to decided.
Do we run?
Should I hide?
For the rest, of my life.

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  • s
    stephaniehicksJun 15, 2011 at 3:45 pm
    dear Wayne.
    as i continue my journey through frustration and defeat
    i advance while im learning growing impatient with these streets I hear all them hating saying they want it out with me
    My flow just stay ailing and they cannout outwit me
    don't be in doubt with me
    i'll get you gratified then ima get satisfied
    that stick to the left the kill is on the other side
    when I'm wounded with affliction
    I flip it with weed addiction
    when my mama out there slippin
    Im dazed and confused trippin
    I brace and refine with a unified soul and mind
    hoes out there grimey
    but I focus on gettin mines
    its me baby, never known to hate
    only necessitate as i navigate my life to end the right fate
    so why you checkin ya phone because you know that you late
    you need to get gone, I mean step up the pace
    no excuse for they shame, because I pity disgrace
    Its with my name life ima stain
    ya chick will should it in ya face
    so why you hesistatin two hours late and still debatin
    should he approach my grace
    he gone get put in his place
    cuz it is a dame shame fine ass niggahs they go to waste
    searchin for sloppy hoes that get shredded for days
    and then get tossed away like they infected with aids
    now "look me in my eyes and try to feel my pain"
    make eye contact roll 'em back and strain
    my pupils dialte and the tear duct drain
    its ashame
    overflow that i cant explain
    growth i cant gain, hope i cant claim
    Im stuck at the bottom block straight screamin ya name
    Flash Baby you done struck my vein
    i pulsate
    pulse wait
    im the one that
    he cant save
    Im at the bottom block and I holla your name.
    your nerve is all i got wish i not on Wayne
    is all you. got me wishin on you
    and star dust fly never dim ya light fuse
    every bar i try whether i get through.
    im here on this bottom block hopin i find you

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