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Lil Rob – When I Do What I Do lyrics

Everybody asks me what, everybody asks me who
Everybody asks me why I do what I do
I walk around the town with a paper bag that's brown
With a beer inside of it 'cause I drink a lot of it
I like to get lit so everyday I take a hit
And I don't give a shit just what you make of it
Don't bother me, won't bother you
What the hell you trying to do?
Get up in my mix, why you wanna fix someone who ain't broke
I must have done something right
I take flight day and night and try to make my shit tight
Like that bandana on your arm, I'll scar you like a needle
I'm sick of you fucking people talking about me like I'm equal
Like I make shit real severe, I'll make you all disappear
But right now I'm not ready to serve twenty five years, to life
That's not something that I'll do for you
I do what I do when I do what I do

I do what I do when I do, when I want to
When I do what I do
I do what I do when I do, what's it to you
When I do what I do
I do what I do when I do, when I want to
When I do what I do
I do what I do when I do, what's it to you
When I do what I do

Make sure my head is shaved so I throw on brand new blades
Don't leave home without my shades and some money I just made
Pantalones big in size, 'cause inside there's a big prize
You think you're bad like me? I'll believe that when pigs fly
I kick back under lamps, do what? No, I bust raps
Just call me el maldito, flying like an eagle
Waiting for release so, bumping like the Misos
I got a lot of primos, not to mention mi amigos
On the bicicleta on the way to the marqueta
That's where I said I'd meet the vato, my conecta
Give him some feria in exchange for some yesca
The one hitter quitter, spinning my cabeza
But don't call me druggy, because that word is ugly
I just smoke marijuana, any time I wanna
There's no change in me, can't turn my brown eyes blue
I do what I do when I do what I do


I always kick up dust but I always keep my shoes clean
People say I'm too mean, what the hell do you mean?
They say when I drop rolas Lil' Rob controla
As if I didn't know, tears on you pillow
Don't know if I know enough, know enough to call your bluff
Why you wanna school me? Fool you cannot fool me
The truth is in your eyes, the window to your soul
You say you got pedo, puto just let it go
Before you get too deep and you start losing sleep
Got you weeping like a willow, break you like a window
Spinning faster than my cd, so fast that you can't see me
Black boots, black Dickies, white shirt and my beanie
Got eyes behind my head, I stab back-stabbers dead
Put them all up in their place, they catch a case up in their face
Hey you know it's true, but what is it to you
I do what I do when I do what I do


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