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Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz – Nothins Free lyrics

Featuring*Oobie [Oobie]

something that, I gotta tell ya' 'Cause
I know that, a brother got needs tonight I
ain't trippin' on ya' pimpin' cause that s s***tight 'but
you gotta pay tonight tonight tonight [Chorus

know you wanna get laid tonight But
I'm tryna get paid tonight We
ain't even gotta fuss and fight Just
hit me right it's, on all night I
know you wanna get in bed wit' me But
you gotta come correctly Nothin'
in life is free expecially, not me [Oobie]

hope you Can... feel me When
I say pay, before you play wit' me Wanna
taste this But.... it's priceless It's
something that you never done before I'm, not ya ordinary hoe [Chorus


Jon] I
fell off in the club (shawty) Not
lookin' for love (shawty) But
I'm lookin' for a gul (shawty) One
I could cut (shawty) Like
lil mama in the blue (shawty) She
so got damn cute (shawty) But
she say she need cheese (shawty) Before
she get wit' me (shawty) Well
let me see (shawty) What
it might be (shawty) And
what's ya' fee (shawty) For
my fantasy (shawty) Now
I ain't rich (shawty) But
I spend a lil bit (shawty) So
who you wit (shawty)? Let's
do this s tit(shawty) [Chorus


something that, I gotta tell ya' Before
you lay with me tonight I
ain't got no problem with fly by nights But
you gotta pay tonight tonight tonight [Lil'

Jon] What
chu' talkin' 'bout (shawty)? And
get c outit cha' mouth (shawty) Say
you want some cash (shawty) Before
I hit that a (shawty)** I'm
not yo' boy (shawty) I
ain't no toy (shawty) Don't
play no games (shawty) 'Cause
I ain't lame (shawty) But
foe' my gurl (shawty) I'll
give her the world (shawty) Ain't
no thang (shawty) To
give up that change (shawty) I
ain't rich (shawty) I
spend a lil bit (shawty) So
who you wit (shawty)? Let's
do this s tit(shawty) [Chorus


I'll be there for you If
you want me to I'll
be by ya' side If
the price is right Take
care of me And
I'll take care of you Nothin
tonight is free especially not me Ohhh

yeahhh, I
gotta get paid woo, Now
if you want me Come
correctly Might
be something you never done before I'm
not yo' ordinary hoe

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