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Lil Boosie – Undeniable Talent lyrics

Verse 1: Boosie bad azz (boss)
Hb (hatchboy)
Bloodline (we do this nigga)
Po' up nigga... Ni... Ni... Ni

Wake up and smell the coffee it's a new nigga in town
Gotta shake dem haters off me you know how boosie get down
And I'm anti-social nigga, don't fuck with nun of you clowns
You play so games nigga? Well I gotta hundred sum' rounds
I drop hit afta hit (Whann) and it's amazin'
Jump off in that coogi now lil boosie in a matrix
Ask about me nigga, I live this
If it's comin' out my mouth, it's some real shit
A soulja but not like soulja boy, I can't dance
Cus I keep a big knot in my pants straight up
You want som big shit? (call me) som beef shit? (call me)
My dawg, it's easy to see

I got undeniable talent
I'm a fool with this rappin'

Undeniable talent

When I step off in the room, it's a full moon
The lights on if I got my ice on.
Lookin like a kingpin, jewelry like slick rick
Keyshia cole seen me, she said "boosie that's too much shyt"
Boosie he be thuggin, hat to the back
Rollin' through the trap with the strap in my lap
Peter pan fit, my favorite color green
When the cameras say action, you see sum shyt you never seen
Bad bitches love me, dey wanna rip me out the frame
And I make they pussy jump out they drawers into my hands
Got my name on my chain, let you know it's me
I-10 on my neck as a memory
2 cars deep, and den dat chain in dat gt
But I'll be damn if dat money gone change me
Uncle tell em' I'm a beast (ha ha ha)

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