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Lil B – Pay Attention lyrics

I happy Halloween, man!
You see the niggas outside?
Niggas trying to get some candy tonight
Fuck, anybody give nigga shit tonight, bro!
Fuck, I got the healing!

I’mma take the dark out of them speakers
Come upon them bricks when I was looking for…
Many seconds on my my mind it made me shine
Why you call my phone, bitch, and I got that beeper
He do it all my life, said he got that cheaper
…Jordan, man you know that he got them snickers
You niggas wanna play, I’mma show them the...
The pistol make the whole room turn to a freezer
Why you mother fucked the whole, you bring me a squeezer
White dope in my nose, playing with...
... I start to look like a troll
I’mma seat at the top, put the bottom…
Niggas ain’t on me, talking all that way
If you got it, then I need it, I’m gonna pay that fee
I’m playing on defense the street shit
Keeping one on each clip!
I got the same line…
Got a mask on in the hood, we’re sick!
Got them bags all in the car where you sit
Sleep shit, same shit, he came shit, a shit!
Niggas wanna rap the gangsta
Fuck that …my back! You feel me?
You’re watching your kids, and I’m talking about my life
I’m talking what it is, but you been saying what’s right
You’re talking about the world, I’ll be… by the crib
Niggas gonna go to jail to smoke me like a...
Emotional, cause I’m focused, my life is opened
Doors closed, bitch! But my bike is rolling
Like climbing to the top, I’m going!
Gotta respect the legend!
Your mother fucking presence!
Yeah, I’ve been the gift, so I’ve never been the presence
Check my message, I ain’t even left a message, bitch!
Text message these…
But I might not even do that
Pay attention!

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