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Lil B – Everything Based lyrics

Based, Based, Everything Based, Based, Based don't You Feel Based, Fuckin Up Dat bitch (Woo}, bitch I'm Young Black Ken (Woo), Young Based God Still Yelling Suck My dick (x2)

[Lil B]

Swaged up nigga and I came fuckin bitches
Young Based God fucked yo bitch cause it's nothin
Young Based God nigga swag to the maximum
7th Street nigga and I came for the bitches
Look at my ring, bitch I'm feelin so cocky
Run around town, that you suckas can't stop me
Young Based God got pretty cause I'm based now
Still got the plug to the ak and 40. Cal
You got nerve talkin down on me
Bitch suck my dick cause I look like her father
Merry Christmas bitch I got a bulletproof vest
Happy New Year bitch suck my fuckin dick
Go hey fat choi bitch I love my fuckin life
7th street bitch westside till I die
Shout out 2pac I don't know you but I love you
And I fuck so many hoes cause I look gay but bitch I'm thuggin nigga


[Lil B]

Once again bitch I'm back spittin facts now
Young Based God wrestle bitches like smackdown
Hoes on my dick now, bitch suck my dick now
Young Based God fuckin hoes cause I'm rich now
Niggas talkin shit now, bitches on my nuts now
Damn, I look good I don't wanna see my face now
Take that fuckin mirror down, I'm iced out I'm pretty bitch
I'm swagged out, Goddamn I'm swagged up
Couldn't see me bitch I feel big like a mac truck

[Lil B Talkin]

Ay Young Based God nigga I'm Tell Yall Motherfuckers Like This Mane
I'm Based For Life Mane, Based Boys Takin Over
Pretty Boys Takin Over Rich Boys Takin Over
Ya Feel Me I'm Talkin Bout This That Real shit
Lil B For Lil Bos
Nigga Ya Feel Me
Pretty Boys Ay Mane Salute We In This motherfucker


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