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Lil B – Doja 2 lyrics

It's war in the game, seem so strange
People so crazy, everybody deranged
I do what I gotta do for this god damn fame
Stay on myself I'm already at the top of the shelf
What I gotta do now, ride around town
Solo with the mac, motherfuckers know that I hold this shit back
Motherfuckers know that I gotta stay quick to the state
Supposed to the mac, like a motherfucking hoe with the sack
You know what I gotta do bitch I gotta roll for toes
For tires, for more, for gaze in it, bitch you can't aim
She gonna do 38 minutes, a damn shame
Motherfuckers quit the game before they even start it
Then I'm coming so hard this
I stay with the game and the mac
And the motherfuckers know that I come for it back
I'm from the under, I come from the bottom
Motherfuckers wanted to leave me dog
Motherfuckers wanted to leave me for gone
Motherfuckers wanted to leave me for gone
Do what I'm gonna do I'm gonna stay strong
You tryin' to leave me out the game, I'm like,
Damn bitch I'm taking you out the game
And buy enough top motherfuckers know I got it
Motherfucker know I got the game on live
I shower all day, this ship 20 to 5 motherfucker
Motherfucker I can't stop my brain on fry
My brain so fried, put an egg inside
Can't hide the pain inside, see the pain in my eyes
The pain, the anger fuck motherfuckers man
And fuck these strangers riding around town
Acting dangerous coming, fronting
See the mac is stainless
Let them see why the mat is changing
Let them see why my reaction's dangerous
Let them see why I act them stages
Let them see why this plain nine stage, bitch
What you gon' think when we come for you
My heart is so frozen for you
Riding around the town with the doja 2
With the doja 2, I'm ridin' around town bitch hit the doja 2
Sucks for you, we ride around town with that mac bitch

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