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Legion Of The Damned – Nuclear Torment lyrics

Apocalyptic doom is near, casting death's spell
No one can escape, the imminent nuclear hell
Warmongers scheme unfolding divine vision
Kill the enemy, through nuclear detonation
Religious insanity, manifesting through terror
Opening the gates, apparition of horror
Jetblack demons leave their subterranean caves
Heading for destruction, condemn many to the graves
Warheads hit the Earth, eclipse of mass death
Annihilating rage arrives burning reaper's breath
The worlds you knew is gone, a wasteland ever since

The atomic blast, caused total destruction
Thousands where killed, cities where laid to waste
Merciless genocide, wiped out civilization
The land was reigned, by famine, war and plague
Predator and prey, nature's laws prevail
Holy commandments, their ignorance revealed
Man thrown back, into a state of barbarism
Cruel existence for those that had remain

Kill or be killed
Slay or be slain
Your destiny lies
In the grave

Eat or be eaten
Rape or be raped
Your destiny lies
In the grave

Those who didn't die, lived by brutal violence
To hunt and kill, only survival in their minds
Famine force some to turn to ancient evils
Cannibal lust, antropophagious rites
Slay the weak, and cut them into pieces
Eat their remains, make necklaces from their bones
Consume their heart, so you will take their spirit
Break their skulls an splatter their blood on stones

Kill or be killed
Slay or be slain
Your destiny lies
In the grave

Eat or be eaten
Rape or be raped
Your destiny lies
In the grave

Nuclear torment
Total annihilation
Nuclear torment
Release through detonation

Nuclear torment
Unholy revelation
Nuclear torment
The gods eradicated

Only the strongest, will rule in this new Eden
They take the women, the riches and the slaves
Cruelty and torture to those who are defeated
Display supremacy, take them body and soul
No god rules here, in this atomic desolation
Those who still pray, will learn it is in vain
Man's civilization was nothing but the surface
Below the skin, the beast, always remains!

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