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Lecrae – Hang On lyrics

Look I don’t know a con named Wes, no
I’m tryin my best though
And I don’t know what all you went though
But look at everything we been through
Man, we got high together
Went to the mall, got fly together
Police came through tryna ask us questions
Me and you sat there and lied together
Tryna keep in touch, it got hard
Had a couple kids, I felt bad
Probably hurt or went off to school
But never know I was snortin that raw
Well I’m pain stabbed but not perfect
I know it feel like it ain’t worth it
But you love dog and that’s real talk
Don’t nobody wanna put you in the dirt man
I know it’s hard out here to get work
Got 2 strikes to feel worthless
But you was made for more than that drink and smoking
Tryna ask the streets for your purpose
You got your family here hurtin
My brothers callin me, worried
And me and yo daddy did the same thing
He both left us out here struggling
Heard they locked you up so I came through
Forget what you did and what you ain’t do
It’s times like this we play through
Got a word to the God that made you
Gotta hang on, hold strong
Trust in the truth to bring you home
I ain’t tryna sit here and preach to you
I’m tryna be the one you can lean on

Hospital folks to the last walk
Let it be the past stops
Showed me that we was bout to head to drop
Pray to God he don’t get cast off
Head to the sky cuz I need some hope
Kin folk just got caught with dope
Partner just called said his baby sick
And this might be the end of my rope
Man it’s hard out here and I’m hurtin
Don’t need no choir girl flirtin
Don’t need no pastor tryna touch on kids telling me what I can’t, way to judge it
No fake cryin, a preacher lyin
Sayin God don’t love me if I don’t top
I need real him in a real season
Meet real faith and a real Jesus
I’m hanging on by a thread though
Crazy thoughts in my head, woa
Phoned my grandma on the payphone
Before I end up dead or on death row
Always do it, my friends know
What I got to pretend for
Free fallin, tryna hang on it
Anything I can get my hands on

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