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I Don't Want You To Go lyrics

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Kyla – I Don't Want You To Go lyrics

Here I am
Alone and I don't understand
Exactly how it all began

The dream just walked away

I'm holding on
When all but the passion's gone

And from the start
Maybe I was tryin' too hard
It's crazy coz it's breakin' my heart
Things can fall apart but I know,
That I don't want you to go

And heroes die,
When they ignore the cause inside
But they learn from what's left behind
And fight for something else

And so it goes
That we have both learned how to grow

And from the start
Maybe we were tryin' too hard
It's crazy coz it's breakin' our heart
Things can fall apart but I know,
That I don't want you to go

Oh it's just too much
Takin' all the whole world all by myself
But it's not enough
Unless I stop trusting somebody else,
Somebody else
And love again

[Instrumental Interlude]

And from the start
Maybe we were tryin' too hard
It's crazy coz it's breakin' our hearts
Things can fall apart but I know,
That I don't want you to go, no
Maybe we were tryin' to hard
It's crazy coz it's breakin' our hearts
Things can fall apart but I know,
That I don't want you to go
Oh no, don't want you to go

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  • i
    Ang sakit mag mahal lalo na sa taong inakala mong sya nah, pero nalaman ko nlang na may mahal pala syang iba, masakit isipin na ginamit nya lang ako, sakit na di mo maintindihan, pagkatapos mo isuko ang lahat sa isang iglap malaman mo na may iba na palang nag mamay ari sa puso nya. Gusto ko mang ipaglaban ang pag-ibig ko, pero paano kung alam ko dun sya maging masaya. Pikit mata kong tinanggap na sa unang pagkaka ta-on naging tanga ako sa love. Pero kilangan kng labanan ang sakit para balang araw, ipa mukha ko sa kanya, kahit sobra2 man ang binigay ko sa kanya, ito ako makakahanap ng mas higit sa kanya.
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  • k
    Kapag nagmahal ka hindi kinakailangan na ibigay mo ang lahat kailangan mong magtira para sa sarili mo, pra kung sakaling dumating yung panahon na kinakailangan ka na niyang iwan para sa rason na hindi mo maintindihan, madali ka makakaget over dahil kahit konti may natira pa para sayo. Dahil minsan kung sino pa yung taong pinagkukunan mo ng lakas, pinagkakatiwalaan at inaasahan na maglalayo sayo sa sakit sila pa ang mananakit sayo. Kung dumating ang oras na iiwan ka na ng taong mahal mo dahil may mahal na siya. Just let go. And move forward. Isa lang ang ibig sabihin nun. Hindi niya nakita ang worth mo at hindi na siya masaya sayo. Hindi mo kawalan yun. Kawalan nila yun.
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  • a
    I hate to fall in love coz we all know that there is end to that hapiness when we are not meant to be. But well just thnkx god 4 allowing us to meet in such a different way. All we do is to set free the person who hurt our feelings. At first maybe we can say that we can't live without him coz we are blind by our own feelings but promise try to teach yourself to let go of the person and give your life a big deal! Always remember that promises are made to be broken so girls if you made a big decision try to listen to your mind not only to your heart.
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  • u
    I have this guy for almost a year. I love him that much but I was in a relationship with another man. It sad to be long with someone else when the right one comes along. I tried to be with him while my man is not around until I felt that he completely taking over the place of my man. He loved me. He treated me right, but he so jealous. We always argue in every little things. But I kept on holding on and keep on holding on.
    Until now. I love him still.
    And I just can't let him go that easily. I know I have no right to hold him. But my feelings do!
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  • u
    i really love the girl, after for quite sometime, i confess my love to her, then all of a sudden, she told me that shes has no feelings for any man. damn, i feel the world falls apart on me. its just too heavy, a body shot. i cant believe it. maybe i was just trying tooooo hard, its so crazy coz its breaking my heart. but i dont want her to go. clingy it may sound, but its me. she took a piece of my heart, and i cant let go. maybe someday...
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