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Krayzie Bone – Revolution lyrics

Intro(bob marley)
Within 2000 years christ shall return "and when I return I goin' to be king of
Marley brothers
That's rev...that's rev...that's rev...that's rev...
Krayzie get soldiers, ride...
Bob marley
Revolution in my heart/ oh, they tearin' us apart/ we been wastin' so much time/
Revolution on
My mind/ everyday problems in the world they maximize/ now tell me how much
Blood must be shed, oh realize things
And times get drastic; a revolution is the only way/ stop this internal warfare,
Marley brothers that's rev...that's for the revolution {repeatedly}
Bob marley roll in a bomb-drop cry...soldiers all positions.
I wanna talk about a revolution/ should we talk about a revolution, a
Revolution? come on, I think it's time
It's already 1999/ this is real; we ready for revolution/ we said that we tired,
We ready tonight, and we gon' ride, ride, ride
With the warriors; we makin' a push on babylon the great, better hurry up/ we
Doin' it like that; combat on contact
So the police get bombed back/ that gunpowder from my gun got my palms black/ as
We roll and we hit up the rest we chase
The police; we done flipped the script and set a new record/ we send 'em to
Fire, to flames, we heat and we hot/ cussin'
While they flossin' shots/ marchin' double barrels buckin'/ mark the target,
Ain't for talkin'/ squashin' every enemy walkin'
And bomb 'em/ we need to suit up in boots/ recruit us some troops to start
Mashin'/ I'm packin' my sawed off and I'm called off
I'm called off...
Bob marley
Revolution on my mind(krayzie yeah) we been wastin' so much time/ revolution in
My heart/ they been tearin' us apart
Everyday problems in the world they maximize/ and tell me how much blood must be
Shed, oh realize things and times get
Drastic/ a revolution is the only way/ stop this internal warfare, yeah...
Marley brothers that's rev...that's for the revolution {repeatedly}
Bob marley soldiers all beret cover formation....roll in a
Bomb-drop cry and bomb down that institution
Krayzie get soldiers, ride...
Marley brothers that's rev...that's for the revolution {repeatedly}
Bob marley soldiers all beret cover formation

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    My meaning to the revolution is a new world without big government and corruption back to the way it was no soldiers in our countries streets arresting innocent people and being targeted online for trying to protect what we hold dear the internet has been a very useful tool for both me and my child very educational and sharing the virus's and malware. Etc needs to stop we should be free to practice free speech and religion without being labeled. I am fighting for my child's future I do not want them growing up into a police ran country that is not what this country is about we are about freedom and that's why the illegals love this country so much what we take for granted they see as opportunity now it's changing and us the people including myself doing this the most legal way possible is fighting to keep it free.
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