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Krayzie Bone – I Still Believe[featuring Mariah Carey ] lyrics

Krayzie and Mariah Carey: Thug Mentality 1999

Mariah Carey Don't matter baby, don't matter what people say and I believe we
Can still be together
Krayzie Don't matter... Don't matter what they say...
Baby, I still believe that it's more than my imagination, It's so real, I know
We're gonna be together
Baby, I had a dream, and it's more than my imagination, Because I still believve
We belong together
If you still believe {echo}... Fine/ Everything you're searchin' for, maybe more,
Mariah Carey
Well boy, you just seem to be lost in uncertainty/ But when you wake up in the
Never sure, but let it go
Believe me, my feeling has always been sure(sure) I just wasn't too certain that
Yours were legitimate
Genuine/ Really the Real Mccoy, Mccoy
Mariah Carey
And after all this time, you look into my eyes, and everything is still the same

My love for you won't fade away...
I'm still a believer of this/ Won't stop! Just listen and look into my eyes/ I
Want you to visualize and
Realize/ You see it'd never been too easy being Krayzie Bone/ Temptations, I'm
Battlin' with their
Persuasions rattling in my brain/ won't go insane/ I figure that's why they call
Me Krayzie/ 'cause I still
Maintain/We've got to struggle through all them hard times/ I've got to tell
Peace and happiness is hard to find (C'mon) We can get there/ And I'm not trying
To make excuses
And reasons, but these demons got me seeing things that're really misleading me
But maybe that's just my life/ Maybe I'm just a thug, cold-hearted, but I can
Feel the love
Just keep faith and don't break it/ Shake all them fakers and haters that makes
Me think I'm not
Gon' make it, I say, "Yeah, uh-huh...You got to believe it" (Mariah Carey Better
Believe it) You got to believe it
(Krayzie No matter what they say...)
Mariah Carey
If you won't believe baby... Think about our lovin'...(If you won't believe...)
Nothing could be closer to it... If we don't believe we'll lose...(Let's do
C'mon... If you believe I can take you there, c'mon and get down with the thug
Love that's in the air
It ain't no reason, reason/ Reason to stop you believin', believin'
Stay real and I'm a stay real right back/ Y'know what I'm gettin' at/ You know
The song;
Got to get control, roll roll roll on... I still believe, keepin' it real enough
To achieve it, achieve it
I still believe it simply just 'cause I still belive it, I believe it
Mariah Carey Don't matter baby, don't matter what people say and I believe we
Can still be together
Krayzie Don't matter... Don't matter what they say...

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