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Korpiklaani – Vakirauta lyrics

Viere vaino, vihavieras,
Kulki kauhu, Hiien heitto,
Polki mannert', anturaine
Tarpahutti tuhokoura.

Sai se yhen vastahansa,
Yhen miehen mдkimailta,
Kera vasken valituimman,
Rautakouran eikkuvimman.

Veti miekan, riisti rauan,
Tempo, tuisko, terдvдllд!
Vдisi, viilti, veisti, voitti!
Maistoi mustaa mahtia.

Turmel' pдitд tappoteivas,
Vдlдhytti vдkirauta.
Repi, ruhjo, raiskas', riehki,
Vihaan sorti, vainolaisen.

Helkky loiste metsдmailta,
Valokannel vaarahilta,
Soitto soiton sankarista,
Veisti virren voittajasta:

Se on Kauko Suomen seppo,
Tannermaitten takomiesi,
Kuka tako mahtirauan,
Kalkutteli vдkivasken.

Riemu, rauha, rajukцyry,
Voittovakka vimmatuuli,
Vallitsevi vaarahilla,
Mekastavi metsдmailla.

[English Translation:]

Persecution, hate, fear, Hiisi!
Trampling foot, hand of doom.

One stood up, a man from the mountains
With the steel, the most selected kind

Drew the sword, pulled the steel,
Smashed, hit with the sharp one!
Dodged, slashed, cut, won!
Had a piece of dark force.

Crushed the head, the tool of death,
In the flash of the steel.
Tore, mangled, raped, stormed,
Cut down the persecutor

Sweet music from the forests,
Sound of kantele from the mountains.
Played a song about a hero
Told a story about a winner:

Drew the sword, pulled the steel...

That is Kauko, smith of Finland
Master of the wrought iron,
One who forged the mighty steel,
One who brought down the Hiisi.

Rejoicing, peace, rough party,
Stormwind of victory,
Going on the mountain sides,
Racket in the forest land.

Drew the sword, pulled the steel...

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