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Klf – What Time Is Love? lyrics

Kick out the JAMS
The notes'll flow, yo, for the words I speak
Rap is weak so I teach and I reach
A positive vibe, a way of life is how I'm livin'
So get hype to the rhythm
KLF is the crew, ya hear, yeah
Design a rhyme I just won't fear
Back to react, enough is enough
Let me ask you a question, what time is love?
What time is love?
What time is love?
What time is love?

I want to see you sweat
I want to see you sweat
Okay Houston, we'll give you a countdown,
Four, three, two, one, fire
I want to see you
The final chapter, prophetic, poetic
When I'm done, this calls for anesthetic
Get to, step to, let an MC
Come in effect with Kingboy D
A wannabe, gonna be, ol'time sucka
You know the time, I never stutter
A feat, a dream, a-yeah seem bright
Yeah, pass the mic, What Time Is Love?
What time is love
What time is love
What time is love

I want to see you sweat [Repeat: x6]
I want to see you
I want to see you
I want to see you sweat [Repeat: x3]
Thank you, thank you

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