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Kingston Trio – Run Molly, Run lyrics

Bob Shane/Tom Drake/Miriam Stafford

Run Molly, run (oh, Molly). Run Molly, run. Long John's gonna beat you, beneath the shinin' sun.

Long John was the youngest horse and Molly was the old.
Molly was an old grey mare and he was a stallion bold, oh, Lordy, he was a stallion bold.

Long John said to Molly, "You're runnin' your last race
'Cause when I turn my head around I'm gonna see your face, old gal, I'm gonna see your face."

Molly said to Long John, "Don't take me for a fool.
If you didn't cut your ears and tail, I'd think you were a mule (Yeah!) I'd think you were a mule."

Long John, he got mad, oh, Lord, and shook his wooly mane.
"Last time that I run, old girl, I beat the Memphis train. I beat the Memphis train."


See them waitin' on the track. The man, he hollered, "Go!"
Long John runnin' fast, Lord, Molly runnin' slow. Molly runnin' slow.

Long John said to Molly, "Take a last look at the sky.
'Cause baby when I pass you by, my dust's gonna blind your eye, oh, Lord, my dust's gonna blind your eye."

Run, Molly, run. Look out for the turn, oh, Lordy, Lordy, here she comes!

Long John beatin' Molly. Wait, what do I see?
Molly passin' Long John. Molly runnin' free, oh, Lordy, Molly runnin' free.

Run Molly, run (oh Molly). Run Molly, run. Put old Long John out to stud and let old Molly run!

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    This song does not belong to the authors mentioned. It refers to a horse race two horses, "Molly and Tenbrooks" in the 19th century in Kentucky, which also happens to be the original title. Bill Monroe did a well-known version. The Trio altered the lyrics so that the underdog, Molly, wins the race.
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