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Kingston Trio – Everglades lyrics

Harlan Howard

He was born and raised around Jacksonville. A nice young man, not the kind to kill.
But a jealous fight and a flashing blade sent him on the run to the Everglades. Runnin' like a dog through the Everglades.

Now, the posse went in and they came back out. They said he'll die and there ain't no doubt.
It's an eye for an eye so the debt is paid. He won't last long in the Everglades. A man can't live in the Everglades.

Where a man can hide and never be found and have no fear of the bayin' hounds.
But he better keep movin' and don't stand still. If the 'skeeters don't get then the 'gaters will. Runnin' like a dog through the Everglades. (Last time - Skippin' like a frog through the slimy bog. Runnin' through the trees from the Everlys.)

Now, the years went by and his girl was wed. His fam'ly gave him up for dead.
But now and then the natives would say they'd seen him runnin' through the Everglades.

Now, he never heard the news on the radio. He was deep in the 'glades so he'll never know.
His runnin' and hidin' didn't make much sense for the jury had ruled it was self-defense.
Running like a dog through the Everglades.


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    Harlan Howard achieved more fame as a writer of science fiction stories and teleplays, but his piece here caught the attention of the Trio at the height of their career about 1959. They released it as a single and it did very well. Note the reference in the lyrics at one point to the "Everlys". This is a parody reference to the famous pop group, the Everley Brothers, whose contemporaneous hit, "Bird Dog", got shammed in the last verse of "Everglades." Good fun.
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