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King Tee – Let's Dance lyrics

(Ladies and gentlemen)
(King Tee is back again)
(Play that beat)
(Let's dance
I know you got the feeling
Let's dance
Come on and get down)--> Sweet Tee
[ verse 1: King Tee ]
Now what I want y'all to do is...
Think of this, then relax yourself
Then add to the pressure felt
I want all of y'all to motivate your self-esteem
Then pinch (Ouch...) See, this ain't no dream
It's the King, and I came to the place to
Start the party, give a little taste to
Suckers, punks and souped up chumps
They ought to know now, I love rappin to funk
So I recommend this, I insist this
Get out your seat before you all miss this
Dancin tune made to rock the room
Grab a partner (Come on!) and swoon
To the right, and I might
Say a little rhyme, so suckers, don't bite
Grab yourself a girl while I freelance
No mumbo jumbo, so handle that and...
(Let's dance
I know you got the feeling
Let's dance
Come on and get down)
[ verse 2: King Tee ]
Back once more with somethin funky
They tried to beat me and tried to punk me
But - it couldn't happen
Never, no way, no how, so don't be actin
Souped just because you're down with the group
I sit on your face and I poop
But don't get me wrong, I'm not that type of fellow
I like to make people dance, and I tell ya
I could be a choreographer, a teacher
A producer, or a preacher
More like a pro cause I do my trade well
I got a formula, but I can't tell
But what I wanna do is make you swing
To a funky beat brought by a King
So you know what to do, take a chance
Grab a freaky-deaky and...
(Let's dance
I know you got the feeling
Let's dance

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