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Kate Bush – Waking The Witch lyrics

Wake up!
A good morning, maam. Your early morning call.
You must wake up!
[titter] wake up! [titter]
Wake up, man!
Wake up, child! Pay attention!
Come on, wake up!
Wake up, love!
We should make the night, but see your little lights alive!
Stop that lyin and a-sleepin in bed--get up!
Ma needs a shower. Get out of bed! [words uncertain]
Little light...
Can you not see that little light up there?
Over here!
You still in bed?
Wake up, sleepy-head!
We are of the going water and the gone. We are of water in the holy land of water
Don't you know youve kept him waiting?
Look whos here to see you!

Listen to me, listen to me, baby. Listen, baby, help me,
Baby! Help me, help me! Listen to me, talk to me!
You wont burn.
Red, red roses.
You wont bleed.
Pinks and posies.
Confess to me, girl.
Red, red roses,*
Go down!

Spiritus sanctus in nomine...[inaudible]
Spiritus sanctus in nomine...[inaudible]
Spiritus sanctus in nomine...[inaudible]
Spiritus sanctus in nomine...[inaudible]
Poor little thing,
Red, red roses,
The blackbird!
Pinks and posies.
Wings in the water,
Red, red roses, go down,**
Go down.
Pinks and posies.

Deus et dei domino...[inaudible]
Deus et dei domino...[inaudible]
Deus et dei domino...[inaudible]
Deus et dei domino...[inaudible]
What is it, child?
Bless me, father, bless me, father, for I have sinned.
Red, red roses!
Help me, listen to me!
Red, red rose!
I question your innocence!
Help this blackbird!
Shes a witch!
There's a stone around my leg.
Uh! Damn you, woman!
Help this blackbird!
There's a stone around my leg.
What say you, good people?
Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!
Help this blackbird!
I am responsible for your actions.
Not guilty!
Help this blackbird!
Wake (of) the witch!
Get out of the waves! Get out of the water!

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    Part of the Ninth Wave concept B-side of the Hounds of Love album, its individual imagery is about medieval witch hunts, with the ominous demands of an inquisitor over the pleading of a woman being subjected to the "floating trial" - if she sinks and dies, she's innocent; if she floats she's a witch. But, it's a small segment of a larger story about a woman who was washed overboard with only a life jacket and a flashlight. She doesn't want to fall asleep, because she's heard that if you fall asleep in the water, you turn over and drown. The songs all have a piece of the story of her trying to survive the night and distract herself, and she floats in and out of these dreams and imaginings, and one of them is this witch trial when she's starting to feel the weight of the water and exhaustion.
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