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(featuring Monica)
{*dogs barking*}

[Intro: Kanye West (Monica)]
Yo Monica, I know you shootin' that video in there
Aw, you just ain't gon' let me in the video, huh?
No no, i-it's me, Kanye West (It's funny how the tables turn)
You know, th-throw your diamonds up? Through the wire? (turn)
You ain't seen my video, heh? (turn, turn)
You know, I- like me and Missy we did this song
Together whatever
Um, okay, well

[Interlude: Kanye West]
I can't keep knockin' and keep rockin' and keep poppin'
I keep droppin' and keep poppin' and keep rockin'
But I can't keep knockin' and keep knockin'
And keep poppin' and keep rockin'
Let's get it poppin'

[Missy Elliot {*overlaps Kanye West Interlude*]
So upset
This that hot shit
Uh huh, yeah
New Monica!

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
Now you ain't let me in the video (true)
Play me like Semi did Arsenio (true)
I'm Kanye from the Chi city yo (who?)
I'm the nigga that did the beat yo
You know we too old for this like Holyfield still boxin'
Ya will watch and I look back, ya still watchin'
What he got that I ain't got? I got Benz
I got rims, not 20s but I got 10s
Real real clean, come and get your rear wheel cleaned
She did what with who? Man I hear things
Like when I was doin' my dirt and she heard things
Up worryin' while she wore her ring
Now she got a fling and where's her ring?
That devious is in the purse now, feelin's in the dirt now
Somebody buyin' the bar, quenchin' her thirst now
Somebody bought her a dress, she in the church now
And what's worse now, she ain' gotta work now
She cuffed an NBA player from the first round
I grabbed her neck and made it hurt to breathe
She said "Security, this jerk could leave"
And uh

[Verse 2: Monica]
So do just what you want anytime that you really like
I put a payment on my place, you be sleepin' alone tonight
So don't you come knockin'

[Hook (Monica)]
Knock knock knock, stop knocking
Don't come knocking at my do'
(Don't you come knockin' at, whoa)
Ring ring ring, let the phone stop
I don't want you calling me no mo'

[Kanye West {*overlaps chorus*}
Yo this the remix, and I'm Kon the Louis Vuitton Don
Or you can call me Louis the XIV
By the way cause I dropped out of the fourteenth grade

[Verse 3: Monica (Kanye West)]
I used to be so gone
You were someone I could lean on
My life support system (uh huh)
And I thought I couldn't breathe, ah ah
When you used to leave, yep (ye) yep (ye)
I see you put yo clean on
Big chains, gold teeth, and yo gleam on (Roc-a-Fella chain)
All night wanna be gone
Wanna tell me stay home like I got a [fuckin'] ring on

Now you say I'm not your wife, right right (you like wifey)
So why should I be chillin'? goodnight goodnight (oh)
Now pack up my things for a flight (ok)
I got a place and it's fixed up nice
So don't come knocking at my do' (aw man)
I got company comin 'round fo'
So whoa whoa, haha, yeah

[Hook (Kanye West)]
I don't want you callin' me no mo'
Knock, knock, knock, stop knocking (yeah)
Don't come knocking at my door

[Interlude: Kanye West]
And I can't keep knockin' and keep rockin'
Let's get it poppin' and that's stoppin'

Ring ring ring, let the phone stop
I don't want you calling me no mo'

[Outro: Kanye West]
What up really though, I see
And the lot gon' be mad as hell when we go on tour
You see I already got GLC up outta there
Aw, we fit to blow man
You know we got the game on smash
Giant monopoly, Don C
Yeah, you know I got that boogie
And Jay boogie well
Yeah, what up Roc?
Yeah, it won't stop
Well Tiffany, I'll see you

[Outro: Monica {*overlaps Kanye West*]
Changed my locks, took my things
Can't come in
Changed my locks, took my things
Can't come in
I don't want you calling me no mo'

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