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Kanye West – I Am A God lyrics

[Hook 1:]
I am a god
Hurry up with my damn massage
Hurry up with my damn mйnage
Get the Porsche out the damn garage
I am a god
Even though I'm a man of god
My whole life in the hands of god
So y'all better quit playing with god

Soon as they like you make more money like you
But kissing people ass is so unlike you
The only rapper who could compare to Michael
So here's a few hating ass niggas who'll fight you
And here's a few snake ass niggas who'll bite you
I don't even wanna hear why some niggas like you
Old niggas mentally still in high school
Since the tight jeans they never liked you
Pink ass polos and a fucking backpack
Everybody know you brought real rap back
Nobody else swag nigga we the rat pack
Virgil Pyrex, Don C snapback
Ibn diamond, Chi-town shining

Same thing I'm in
Until the day I get struck by lightning

[Hook 2:]
I am a god
So hurry up with my damn massage
And a French ass restaurant
Hurry up with my damn croissants
I am a god
I am a god
I am a god

[Verse 2:]
I just talked to Jesus
He said 'what up Yeezus? '
I said "shit I'm chilling
Trying to stack these millions"
I know he the most high
But I am a close high
Mi casa es su casa
That's that cosa nostra
I am a god
I am a god
I am a god

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Submitted byjupiter04
Corrected byryanakaluffy


  • a
    Ashley Nicole G
    The next scripture to 82: 6. 82: 7
    "Nevertheless you will die like men And fall like any one of the princes." I don't think its fair to be bias on a topic such as this. When God said "you are all gods" did not mean that we are "gods". Its a representation of the authority that God has given to those in power on the earth. Men and women of God are to never bring glory to themselves but to always lift the ones around them to Jesus. Only He can say, "I Am God" since He really is! To even consider yourself close to being high like Jesus, you have to ask yourself, "does my life reflect the life Jesus had?" If your answer is no, then there's no more that needs to be said.
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  • m
    Melody Laster
    Kanye is scary and disturbing. Look at those lyrics - he said "until the day I get struck by lightning" because he knows he's playing with fire messing around with God's name like that - then, gon' say "ya'll better quit playing with God," no Kanye, you betta quit playing with Him! "I know He the most high, but I'm a close high?" Hardly. I think the issue is, he knows the truth, but this money and fame has him, so he'll keep pushing the envelope b/c he's in that life now. I pray he see the light and get his mind right, 'cause he is a little touched. Seriously.
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  • a
    Amy Lynn
    Josh Christie Americans are dumb. With a name like Miloš Šćepanović, it's likely English is not his natural first language. Do you speak more than one language? Maybe not. If you do, I'm sure you have made a mistake in your second language at some point. Gimme a break. You are obviously so dumb yourself that you think you know everything when you don't, and therefore have no business commenting on other people's spelling mistakes.
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  • u
    Kanye (Con ya!) needs to get off his high horse or God will strike him down. I hope. You will see the devil never wins. Con ya! is toooo full of himself and even thinks he's better than his own wife and her family and I don't even respect her for marring him. Her dad would roll over in his grave.
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  • k
    Kandi Jones
    I love It so much people that don't understand an artist will have all type of negative comments to make no one has anything to say when a painter paints their protective of God so why can't a rapper never once did he say he's better than God so I give him mad respect keep it up Kanye you are truly an Artist thank you for expressing yourself and staying true to yourself!
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