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Kane – Let It Be lyrics

Well the answer is always the same,
Won't you please just let it be.
Cause I've been there and all I can say,
Is that it slips away from me.
With the memory of yesterday's grace,
She spins away from me,
So I can go on.
As cold as the void of the night,
The dark's surrounding me.
She leaves me there every time,
As alone as I can be.
And I drift with the thought of her eyes.
She's all that I can see,
But I will go on.
Every long night,
Every whisper,
Every song that never saw it coming,
And she says it's oh so right.
Every cold night,
Every shiver,
Every time I didn't feel it coming.
She says it's oh so right.
As heartless and cruel as can be,
She moves away from me.
Still I need to be hers every time,
With all that I can be.
As she calls in the deep of the night,
She takes all I've got from me,
So I can go on.
Every long night,
Every whisper,
Every song that never saw it coming,
Baby don't you know that it's not allright,
It's not allright, no, no, no.
Every cold night,
Every shiver,
Every silent scream,
And she never listens.
Well it's not alright, not alright.
She rides with the gods of the night,
She rules the tides in me.
She crushes the waves with her sigh,
And she... Oh lord... Becomes a part of me,
But her care is as sharp as a knife.
I'll say, for how can she step away from me,
How can you just walk away from me?
Every cold night,
Every whisper,
Every silent scream,
And you never listen.
And you say what?... It's allright,
Well it's not allright, no, no.
Every last time,
Every shiver,
Every dirty game.
Well it just isn't right,
It just isn't right.
She wakes at the dawn of the day,
And takes my heart from me.
Leaves me with nothing to say,
Nothing left for me,
But the fever of final goodbyes,
She spins away from me,
So I can go on...
I can go on

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