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Civilization lyrics

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Justice – Civilization lyrics

(1st verse)

Stand in line as we march to the drums of the east,
Paralyzed and possessed by crusaders deceased,
Lost in the silence, the call from the turbulent times.
Bound by the science that lives on the lips of the wise.

[Chorus: X2]

The beating of a million drums.

The fire of a million guns.

The mother of a million sons.


(2nd verse)

Lost in the silence, they bow to the call of the east.
Tantalized and seduced by the demons released.
Ears to the ground by the name of the merciless guide (sky).
Onto the fire that burns in the all seeing eye.

[Chorus: X2]


(Chorus x3)

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  • u
    I think it (the main chorus, dunno about the rest) just symbolizes civilization in general, like the name suggests.
    The beating of a million drums: music/culture/unification, since drums can be associated with simple music, cultural significance, or unifying people like in a march.
    The fire of a million guns: war, because what else would guns symbolize?
    The mother of a million sons: the very concept of civilization is what allows there to be millions born who coexist and work together. It's the "mother of a million sons".
  • u
    The all seeing eye could also be a reffernance to the government montoring everything we do and it burns (it continues to thrive) as long as we generate income. The demons could be a refferance to all the corruption I'm the wold I. E. Alcohol, gambling, smoking etc. "lost in the silence, the call from the turbulant times" and referances of the "east" could be talking about the cold war and the differnce of life in the western society and the eastern society. Not everythig has to be related back to the illuminati and the devil.
  • u
    Prehaps there is a deeper meaning than secret societies, I have met both the members of this group and my brother is a dj on there label and I can tell you first hand that the french music scene does not give a f*k about powers above them, they took down Kanye at his first big spat at mtv, these guys are way to secure in there abilities to bow to will of some fabricated society. If you understand there religious beliefs behind the group and the symbolism of the cross in there "image" then you can look deeper than simply labeling them a tool of powers unseen, prehaps they are there own profets, prehaps there message does not come from a secret society, but from and higher power which guides them.
  • u
    The whole song I think is basically referring to satan and secrect socieities, (the all seeing eye) is a symbol commonly used by the illuminati that decipics satan. The illuminati has a ridiculous influence on all areas of society, including the music industry. Alot established of bands and artists are bening manipulated by the illuminati to perpetuate a certain message. "Paralyzed and possessed by crusaders deceased, tantalized and seduced by the demons released" there signing about manipulation by demons. "Bound by the science that lives on the lips of the wise" are about the people in postions of power and influence that are trying to a orchestrate a new world order in secrect. "Lost in the silence, the call from the turbulent times" is reffering to the mass population being largly unaware of the changes being brought about by the new world order and the chours is about the general unrest in society these changes will bring about. This is only my opinion I may be right or wrong but its obvisouly not about justice's take on society.
  • u
    The music is directly related to the crusades. Jesuzalem was east of europe, so this explains the strong reference to the "east".
    "the call from the turbulent times" => related to the belic crysis of that time.
    "bound by the science that lives on the lips of the wise. " => usually the clergy had all the knowledge and flexed the idea that it was a call of the "wiser. " the cruzader soldiers and kings should only respond or they would go to hell.
    "merciless guide" => catholic church.
    The chorus simplifies the ironic idea that responding to a call and kill in the name of a deity is a sign of "civilization"
    "onto the fire that burns in the all seeing eye. " => all the killing in the name of god.

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