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Junction 18 – Lucky As Mars lyrics

Awake again... Hopeless as tomorrow
I found a way to gaze at her just dreaming
Of the way it would be
If we knew eachother brain to brain
Then there's those days
I pass up chances face to face
So here I stand with my chances close to none
I know there's no way you'll be the one
I think too much of consequences

Empty again
Nothing is so trivial
I count the days upon my wrists with empathy
It's just every day we bleed to let them know we're here
We fall to the floor and their slight glances do us in
We choose the nights but we never make a sound
There's got to be some way you won't turn me down
Just one chance to turn you around

One more day it's said and done
It's been a while since I've had just one
Do you ever hear them say, "You do it to yourself"

And we must hide but keep our past
How can I go on here
With my face to the floor
It's windy again
Felt the sickness cover me
I just had to leave
The party here just weakens me
I walked alone on the boardwalk filled with drunken teens
I cannot compete
With all these boys who get what they need

Don't ever give up
It's the life that you've won
But sometimes I think you won't be the one
Be the one who resides in my arms
Who am I kidding?
To dream... Never winning
It's 5: 00 and there's no super or a star
They're the mirrors who tell us who we are
It's all so stupid
This game with cupid
We can never decide which route to fly
The streets are burning with our hearts inside

One more day it's said and done
It's been a while since I've had just one
Do you ever hear them say "You do it to yourself"

And we can't sleep without your voice
Why don't you just take us right into your soul
Then all this stuff would erase

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